OCULUS Buys Design Team Behind Kinect and 360 Controller. Gotta buy em all!

Oculus Rift.

THE OCULUS JUGGERNAUT SHALL NOT BE BOWED BY MORTAL OR DEITY. The company is acquiring talent like a motherfucker, and now they’re starting to snag up companies. The VR Headset That Shall Be has acquired the team that designed the Xbox 360 controller and the original Kinect. Kinect can get fucked and all that, but I’ll be goddamned if I wasn’t madly in love with the 360’s pad.

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Watch: NASA robot combines OCULUS RIFT + KINECT. Future rules, brah.

The future.

NASA ain’t letting the upcoming Robot Apocalypse dissuade them from utilizing current technologies. Until it strikes, of course. Then they’ll just be paste like the rest of us. Until that happens though, they’re doing jazzy things like combining the both the Oculus Rift and XB1’s Kinect. For great justice. Or great…science?

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Apple buys company that MADE ORIGINAL KINECT. All Minority Report Everything.

HAL 9000. BRUH.

The company that made the 1984 advertisement back in the day is doubling down on creepy future-tech. That’s right, Apple has bought the folks who made Microsoft’s original Kinect. And now there ain’t nothing holding back the Steve Jobs-nanobody robopocalypse.

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XBOX ONE no longer requires KINECT to be plugged in. STILL GOTTA F**KING BUY IT.


The XBONE song and dance is a curious one. Full of twists, turns, pirouettes and shit. The latest little move in this tango is the announcement that the Xboner does not require a Kinect to be plugged in to operate. Which is sort of neat, but also like sort of “how about you don’t fucking force me to buy it then”, right? Definitely giving credence to the rumors that 2014 shall see a Kinect-less version of Microsoft’s next console.

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[E3 2013] – The Unofficial E3 Kickoff features Vita, Kinect and a Nap before MS @12:30pm EST


It’s a confusing fucking start to E3’s flagship channel of coverage, Spike/GTTV.

A Vita world premiere that amounted to an esoteric Japanese handheld bore that looked like a war of icons and numbers?

Rare’s return to the centre stage to show off a new Kinect Sports?

Kill me.

We can all hope this is all just ancillary padding to the main events – the first of which is Microsoft’s XBox Media Briefing at 12:30pm EST – which are primed to be as packed full of goodness as they ever have been.

Today is the day the big hitters – MS, EA, Ubisoft and Sony – speak to the gaming press, the gaming population and the public at large about their plans for entertainment for the next 5-7 years. Make it good kids! The world’s watching.

What are you all excited for this E3?

Rumor: These are the NEXT XBOX specs. Maybe. Hell if I know.

Steve Ballmer is ready.

Yo! Any tech-wizards care to explain these specs to me? They mean almost nothing. In the sense that I know they mean “things”, but I cannot tell you what those “things” translate to.

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XBOX 720: Details spilled in XBOX WORLD. If so, I’m sprung with tech-lust.

I could say I understand the jist of these new details, but I’m just like “oh shit new Xbox details. I don’t understand them with my fat brain, but I know I want it.” Do you understand these details? Are you excited like me? It’s a cucumber in my pants, chill out.

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Rumor: IMAGE from the KINECT 2 sensor leaked.

Skynet is upgrading its wares, infiltrating the next generation of Kinect sensors and the shit. Soon it will be able to accurately track the motions of your hand as you masturbate. Despite turning the system off, the camera will be on. Aware. Recording your furry habits.

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The Xbox/Kinect $99 Bundle Is Really Real, Requires Xbox Live Contract.

The Xbox/Kinect bundle for $99 that the entire gaming internet speculates up on last week turns out to be real. The catch, the answer to how it can be peddled for such limited ducets, has also been revealed.

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‘SKYRIM’ Is Adding ‘KINECT SUPPORT’, Yeah Great. Where’s My F**king Flying Mount.

Back in February I pointed all your goggle-eyes towards a Skyrim Sizzle Reel  that displayed what the developers would love to add into the title. One of the joints in the sizzle reel were flying dragon mounts. That was awesome. Another was stupid fucking Kinect support. That was dumb. I am bitter. Can you guess which one is actually  getting implemented?

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