‘SKYRIM’ Is Adding ‘KINECT SUPPORT’, Yeah Great. Where’s My F**king Flying Mount.

Back in February I pointed all your goggle-eyes towards a Skyrim Sizzle Reel  that displayed what the developers would love to add into the title. One of the joints in the sizzle reel were flying dragon mounts. That was awesome. Another was stupid fucking Kinect support. That was dumb. I am bitter. Can you guess which one is actually  getting implemented?


[Bethesda announced that]  The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim  is getting Kinect support for “more than 200 voice commands” at some point this month via a title update. The developer promises the commands will apply to a variety of verbs across the world of  Skyrim, from Dragon Shouts (Fus Roh Dah!) to follower instructions, and a mess of other voice-activated actions.

The Kinect functionality for  Skyrim  is the latest product of Bethesda’s  internal  Skyrim  game jam, following on the heels of the 1.5 update that enabled kill cams.

C’mon flying mounts! C’mon. I’ll settle for fucking paying for one  if I need be.