Early ‘Justice League’ cut was “unwatchable”, Whedon said to have changed original ending. Dumpster Fire, incoming!

justice league unwatchable whedon changed ending

Ah, no no, say the Warner Bros executives. All those rumors about a troubled reshoot for Justice League are just that, rumors! Fake news! No one follow the scent of sizzling turd to the diarrhea-covered Dumpster Fire known that is the Justice League movie.

Man, Whedon. You got your work cut out for you.

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‘Justice League’ reshoots were to lighten the mood, actor confirms, surprises no one

justice league reshoots lighten tone

Oh, hey. Go figure. The Justice League reshoots *were* to unfuck the Gloom and Dirge Circle Jerk that the first cut assuredly was. Such a confirmation was let-slip by the dude who plays Cyborgs dad, who clearly gives no fucks.

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‘Justice League’ reshoots costing $25 million, and Superman is filming his scenes with a mustache he isn’t allowed to shave

justice league reshoots 25 million

A new Justice League trailer dropped this weekend at SDCC, and it was a mixed bag. The first minute or so intelligently focused on pop culture phenom Wonder Woman, featuring a tone quite similar to her movie’s. However, after that, the trailer segued into what you’d expect from a Zack Snyder affair. You know, muted-ass palette, dumpster fires burning everywhere, stilted dialogue, overwrought CGI crap. The former segment is either the result of these reshoots or *what* they’re aiming for in them. So, it makes the extensiveness of these reshoots super intriguing. What will they be able to achieve with them? How much credit should Whedon get? And obviously, can he save this fucking movie?

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‘Justice League’ has begun “significant reshoots” that will last through the summer

justice league significant reshoots

Folks, Justice League has begun “significant reshoots” with Joss Whedon behind the wheel. This news is coming off an opening weekend for Wonder Woman which saw, Jesus Christ is it really possible?, pop culture geeks actually enjoying a DC movie. Warner Bros. and DC have an opportunity to follow up the Wondrous Woman’s flick with a second hit in Justice League, and I’m hoping these reshoots see that opportunity through. I have, I *have*, I have to imagine these reshoots are intended to bring the same levity and heart that was so appreciated in Wonder Woman to Justice League. I mean, right? I mean, please?

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Joss Whedon had been working on ‘Justice League’ for a good while before Snyder departed

joss whedon zack snyder departed

It turns out that Whedon had been working on Justice League for a good damn while before Zack Snyder departed the flick. So. Remember all those rumors about extensive reshoot rumors for Justice League. Well, if I had to speculate, and that’s all the pop culture is good for anymore, click bait, speculation, and butt gifs, I would guess Whedon was the man helming those. Adding levity and some smirks to the Distinguish Competition’s Cinematic Universe. But, again, it’s just speculation

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