‘The Punisher’ Trailer: Frank Castle’s Revenge Tour Drops November 17

I ain’t watching this new trailer for The Punisher, cause I’m *way* fucking in on the show. That said, I’m pretty goddamn stoked that we know it’ll finally be arriving. November 17.

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‘La La Land’ director bringing musical TV series to Netflix, also casts Jon Bernthal in his Neil Armstrong Biopic

damien chazelle netflix series jon bernthal neil armstrong

Here’s a twofer of recently dropped Damien Chazelle news, for those who frequent the Space-Ship Omega and haven’t heard. First up, dude got himself an eight-episode series on Netflix. Second up, dude cast Jon Bernthal in his upcoming Neil Armstrong movie. A fucking twofer!

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Netflix drops first look at Jon Bernthal in full Punisher costume and it’s my everything today

first look the punisher new costume

I thought I was pretty much done being excited for Netflix/Marvel collaborations, but my enthusiasm for Defenders has dissuaded me of that notion. Had it not, I imagine this first look at Jon Bernthal in full Punisher regalia would have done it.

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Punisher Netflix Series confirmed for 2017; cast additions announced

punisher netflix release date

Netflix has finally gone ahead and ended the speculation surrounding the release date of the fuckin’ Punisher series. Netflix is dropping the son of a bitch in 2017, which, uh, we all sort of thought. Not only that, though! Not only that. A couple of cast announcements have dropped, too.

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‘Punisher’ show confirmed for Netflix, here’s a teaser video


Netflix has done the obvious and ordered a full Punisher series. I fucking hope so, since the character was shoehorned as fuck into the end of Daredevil‘s second season. I mean, his presence in the season finale. Jesus Christ. Woof. But that said, I dug the character, and I look forward to more.

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‘Daredevil’ Season 2 Teaser: The Punisher Unmasks The Devil

‘Daredevil’ Season 2 Images: The Punisher Is Locked and Loaded

hiding andshit

Ya’ll want a couple pictures of The Punisher from Daredevil season 2, courtesy of Empire? Course you do.

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‘Daredevil’ Season 2 Trailer: I Think You’re A Half-Measure

Oh god, am I ever ready to see The Punisher and Daredevil square-off, and then maybe ultimately unite to bring down some Hell’s Kitchen scum.

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Maybe: Marvel bringing ‘Punisher’ series to Netflix

Punisher hasn’t even debuted on Daredevil yet, but the sociopathic vigilante is already a favorite on the NetterWebs. Marvel ain’t deaf to the fervor the character is generating, and apparently they may be giving BigPun his own series. A rumor broke-out over the weekend that they totally were, but Netflix’s Chief Content Czar has responded with a totally maybe okay chill. My interpretation? It’s coming. But down the line.

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‘Daredevil’ Season 2 Teaser Trailer! Plus! A poster! And! Season premiering March 18!

1) I cannot fucking wait. 2) It appears the show *is not* going “head to head” (our own Neo pointed out it really wouldn’t be much of a competition) with BatGuy vs SuperBrooder, dropping a week earlier.

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