Joss Whedon reteaming with John Cassaday for ‘Captain America’ Anniversary Issue

Stuart Immonen is new artist on Marvel’s ‘Star Wars.’ The Force is strong with this #crapwordplay

hell yeah!

One beast mode artist exits, another enters. While John Cassaday is leaving Marvel’s Star Wars after the sixth issue, his replacement is a meaty hunk of awesome. Cover and deets post-jump!

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‘Star Wars’ #1 is going to sell over one-million copies.

Star Wars.

Next month Star Wars #1 is dropping on shelves, kicking off Marvel’s newly formed alliance with The Force. I had sort of expected it to sell a good amount, but apparently the fucker is going to be the highest selling comic in twenty years.

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Marvel dropping three new ‘Star Wars’ comics starting next year

Star Wars!

Starting next year, Marvel is bringing three Star Wars comics into existence. Gimme! Gimme. Gimme. They all sound goddamn neato, but I’m particularly sprung over the titular Star Wars comic. I mean, Jason Aaron and John Cassaday wielding the Force? Sweet baby Jesus.

Details and covers after the jump.

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‘CAPTAIN AMERICA’ designs for Marvel NOW! by OPENA and Cassaday revealed.

Jerome Opena and John Cassaday have both dropped new designs for Captain America to be used in the Marvel NOW! initiative. The odd thing is how different the two are. Like, which one is going to be canon? I’m way digging Opena’s reimagining, so I’m pulling for that one to go all de facto.

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Cassaday’s Cover For ‘UNCANNY AVENGERS #1’ Debuts, Makes Me Smile. I Hate Myself.

One of the problems of being both bipolar and posting news and reacting to it immediately is that I often find myself oscillating. ‘Cause I’m crazy and also cause I don’t allow myself much time before passing the swag along to you folks. So despite my initial reaction and desired stance, I’m getting a tickle in my balls for Uncanny Avengers.

Here’s John fucking Cassaday’s cover.

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Marvel Announces ‘MARVEL NOW’ Bringing MASSIVE RELAUNCHES And I Quietly Weep.

Ugh. Jesus Christ. Now Marvel is relaunching everything ever, shaking up creators teams and daring to address everything save for good stories. Maybe these new titles will be good, maybe they won’t. However you know what dominates hype? Just fucking  quality storytelling. Just focus on it guys. Please. I’m begging you. The wave of hype will dissipate after we go “Wow! Relaunched bullshit that’ll devolve into status quo! This totally isn’t a response to the Blase 52!” and then things will return to functioning as a simmering churn factory for movie scripts.

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Kingpin Is One Fat Bastard In Shadowland Teaser

Dude Is Creepin'

I’ve already spanked it to the concept of Shadowland. And to John Cassaday. Here’s me spanking to John Cassaday doing a promo for the Andy Diggle written Shadowland.

John Cassaday Doing Superman Covers? Superection.

Superman #701 - John Cassaday
via cbr:

DC Comics has announced via their official blog, The Source, that John Cassaday will be the new regular cover artist for “Superman” starting with issue #701. Cassaday will be joining incoming writer J. Michael Straczynski and interior artist Eddy Barrows on the title.

Dude is so gorgeous.