Monday Morning Commute: Alive After Death

If John Carpenter ain’t the coolest motherfucker alive, I don’t know who happens to be. Look at that Force of Nature, absolutely cutting a fucking rug. Absolute stable of insane movies directed? Yup. Absolute stable of insane soundtracks and albums recorded? Yup! Dude’s just dominating on all fronts, and all he seems to have to do in his old age is play music with his family and rock video games.

Been listening to his latest album lately, and today’s column title is a reference to its titular track: Alive After Death. Shit dudes, it’s even got a fucking rad music video.

Anyways, the phrase “Alive After Death” resonates with my ass lately. Maybe it resonates as a reference to emerging from a post-pandemic world. Maybe it resonates with my idea that the ideal life is a recursive one, where if we aren’t continuously dying and emerging changed after learning from our mistakes, we’re doing it wrong. Maybe it resonates with the feeling that comes at the end of every semester, born anew after the cataclysm of another school year in the books.

Whatever the case, the phrase is snared in my synapses, and I figured I’d share it with you. Not just the song, but the thoughts behind its resonance, and a little bit of the ole opening up of the soul.

This is Monday Morning Commute. You already know the fucking drill.

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John Carpenter says ‘The Fog’ sequel could happen and he’s open to the idea. Aiight!

john carpenter the fog sequel

John Carpenter has said there’s been talk of a sequel to The Fog, and he’s open to the idea. Well, fuck! If dude is, I might as well keep an open mind.

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John Carpenter said he might return to directing. Bro, don’t tease us.

john carpenter might return to directing

John Carpenter said he ain’t completely done with directing, provided this fucking pandemic ever ends. Which is fucking fantastic news to me, dudes. Like. Even bad John Carpenter in the world is better than no John Carpenter, right?

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John Carpenter has signed deal with Serial Box to produce original audio horror stories under ‘John Carpenter Presents’ banner

john carpenter serial box deal john carpenter presents

You know, I’ve never heard of Serial Box until today. However, I imagine that’s why the motherfuckers signed a deal with John Carpenter! The GOAT will be producing a line of original audio stories under the John Carpenter Presents banner. Mission fucking accomplished, Serial Box. I’ll be keeping an eye on you now.

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Blumhouse is rebooting ‘The Thing’ and even with John Carpenter involved goddamn I hate this

blumhouse the thing reboot john carpenter

You know. I almost didn’t want to post about Blumhouse rebooting The Thing with John Carpenter. For to post about it, is to make it real. But here we fucking are! Logically, I know nothing can take anything away from Carpenter’s The Thing. It’s one of my favorite movies of all time, and it will stay that way. Illogically? Man, I just fucking hate this.

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John Carpenter is writing a Joker one-shot for DC’s Year of the Villain. I am horrifyingly excited. Get it? Terrible pun!

john carpenter dc year of the villain joker

John Carpenter is writing a Joker one-shot for DC. John motherfucking Carpenter! Am I going to read it? Questionable. Am I excited it exists at all? Hell yes.

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John Carpenter receiving famous directing award at Cannes. As he should, because he fucking rules!

john carpenter cannes director award

John Carpenter is getting himself a famous directing award at Cannes this year. Which, if you think about it, makes all the sense in the world. ‘Cause the dude is the fucking best.

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‘They Live’ sequel teased by John Carpenter. I have no fucking idea how to feel about this

they live sequel john carpenter

They Live. One of my favorite movies of all time. As well, perhaps more applicable and prescient than ever. Does it need a sequel? Nah, dude. Would I see one if it ever emerged? Of course, dude.

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Listen: John Carpenter drops the new ‘Halloween’ theme as my hype intensifies

Carpenter has dropped his new ‘Halloween’ theme (reworked is a better way of looking at it), and I’m so damn stoked for this movie.

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John Carpenter is composing the score for the next ‘Halloween’ film

john carpenter new halloween composer

John Carpenter is returning to the Halloween franchise, folks. Not in the manner you may be thinking though, if you haven’t, you know, paid any fucking attention to the movie’s development. Nah, he ain’t directing. Instead, he’ll be providing the score.

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