‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ Trailer: The Apocalypse Is Replaced With The Power Rangers

Man, not fucking feeling this trailer at all, dude. The palette is a vomitorium of bombastically bright hues. John Boyega’s cheap Idris Elba impression falls flat. The designs of the mechs suck. Entire thing feels like Power Rangers, but with kaiju or some shit. I don’t know. I hope I’m wrong.

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First Look: ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ sees John Boyega re-cancelling the Apocalypse

pacific rim uprising first look

Here’s some official looks at Pacific Rim: Uprising, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

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Boyega Shares ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ Photo Depicting His New Look

pacific rim uprising john boyega pentecost

John Boyega dropped a new official image from Pacific Rim: Uprising today. It features the actor looking #broodingaf while proclaiming that he is Pentecost.

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John Boyega Reveals ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ Image Featuring Gipsy Danger

john boyega pacific rim uprising image

Gipsy Danger is back! Somehow! If John Boyega’s image on Instagram is to be believed! Or! At least! Interpreted in that manner!

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‘Pacific Rim 2’ casts Cailee Spaeny as its female lead


I don’t know Cailee Spaeny, but I sure do know my excitement for Pacific Rim. Fucking Moses-Finn-Boyega? Fucking Daredevil showrunner helming the project? Sign me up, and add me to the mailing list. I’m in.

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‘Pacific Rim 2’ has a release date! Dropping Feb. 23, 2018

Pacific Rim 2.

Pacific Rim 2 is really coming, folks. It’s really coming! And it’s got itself a date, to boot.

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John Boyega teases new project with ‘Attack the Block’ director Joe Cornish

attack the block

Before John Boyega was Finn, he was Moses (Moses!, Moses! Moses!) in Attack The Block. In fact, the reason I was stoked for his casting in Force Awakens was due to Boyega’s performance in the aforementioned flick. This news, then? The news that Boyega is once again brainstorming with Block’s director? Tremendous.

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John Boyega lands ‘Pacific Rim 2’ lead role

pacific rim

I was going to see Pacific Rim 2, cause I moderately enjoyed the original. But casting Moses-Finn-John-Boyega in the lead role definitely has me more excited.

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Mash-Up: ‘Force Awakens’ Cast x that ‘Zoolander’ Scene

Dope AF: ‘Attack The Block’ Glow In The Dark Poster

Attack the Block.

Sometimes it hits me that Moses from Attack The Block is a futzing WarStar flick. It staggers me momentarily, before I find myself cracking a maniacal grin.

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