Corey Hawkins (‘Straight Outta Compton’ lead) cast in the ’24’ Reboot

Corey Hawkins

Last summer, Corey Hawkins played Dr. Dre in Straight Outta Compton. Now it appears that his follow-up will be playing the heir to Jack Bauer. At least, spiritually or so.

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’24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY’ Trailer: Would You Believe Bauer Goes Rogue?

Jack Bauer is back.

Everyone’s favorite distributor of Torture Porn is back in the house. And would you believe despite giving Jack Bauer a respite, the writers of 24: Live Another Day seem to offer nothing new? Even in the trailer? I mean — mentioning that he’s a traitor in the span of a thirty-second trailer? Pretend to do something different, FOX! (Or maybe it’s just the old “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Cause I’ll end up watching anyways.)

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Kiefer Sutherland.

I have a hard time believing that Kiefer Sutherland is actually voicing Snake in Metal Gear Solid 5: Kojima Fucks With You. I mean, Kojima has pulled our collective undies over our head too many times for us to just believe this. Right? Right?! Do you?

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JACK BAUER AND ’24’ RETURNING TO FOX. Torture Porn Addicts Moan.


I didn’t see this coming. It looks like everyone’s favorite utilitarian torture export and post 9/11 wunder-hero is returning to television. Kiefer Sutherland will be dusting off the heavy artillery and reprising his role as Jack Bauer next year, as 24 returns for a twelve-episode journey.

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Somebody tried to hack the White House? Summon the Bauer.

For some reason I just sort of assumed that the White House was always getting hacked. Too much 24. Apparently it ain’t, because today this nonsense is making news. I imagine it was repelled by Kim Bauer screaming “Phoenix Shield levels dropping!” while squirting milk out of her left nipple. Just like how it goes in real life.

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Kiefer Sutherland Talks ’24’ Movie, Says Its Direct Continuation.

I wasn’t even aware that the 24 movie was officially happening. Like, I thought of it as one of those bandied about ideas that would never gain traction. I’m wrong! It’s happening, and Kiefer Sutherland opened up about some of the movie specifics.

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Sony Claims Only The Most Hardcore Gamers Use ‘PlayStation Home’. LOL.

PlayStation Home is something I’ve never logged into. Ever. I spent something in excess of $500 a year on video games. Not counting my Live! subscription, nor DLC. According to Sony, I am the type of gamer who should be using Playstation Home. I wouldn’t use it for anything short of money. Or good, good porn networks.

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THIS WEEK ON 24: 9:00 – 10:00 PM


This week’s 24 answered the question: how do you pass yourself off as a German who wants to buy nuclear materials? You wear a pair of four-dollar glasses from the local Big Party and you smoke a cigarette. Seriously, what the fuck is going on with this show? It’s a clusterfuck of awful storylines and non-action. There should be a drinking game where you have a shot every time a line of dialogue makes you laugh, and two shots every time you’re bored to the point of yawning. You’d be covered in your own bile and dead by the midway point.


Renee doesn’t get killed despite the fact that she’s cutting herself and begging for death. Instead, she’s brought to some dungeon where Vlad the Impaler is stationed. Vlad asks Jack for fifty-zillion dollars in exchange for information, which I thought was a shocking fuckload. But what was even more amazing, was how he was instantly able to get the money for Vlad.

Then, inexplicably, Renee is coming out of a shower in the dungeon. Let me ask you something: WHY THE FUCK WAS SHE SHOWERING?! There’s absolutely no reason for her to have been showering, other than to set up the scene where Leoben from Battlestar Galactica demands that she gives it up to her. They wrote in a scene where she’s coming out of a shower, just to give us a scene where she can be molested. That’s dedication towards being molested.

It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. But that’s a running theme this episode.

High five!

But that’s okay, because we’re also treated to Dana Walsh’s storyline. Which no one gives a fuck about! If you thought her yokel ex-con ex-boyfriend (say that three times fast) asking her for a “Six-figure payout” was awkward and hilarious, the high-five between him and his b-boy when she has a deal for them was even more amazing. Nothing on this show makes any sense. Why doesn’t she just tell her ex to go fuck himself? Instead she’s going to settle for participating in a robbery.

I’m impressed at how quickly she can find a con for them to pull off. It only took her ten minutes in the middle of an international crisis or some shit.

Also doesn’t make sense? Her ex-boyfriend’s gang member bringing a shotgun to the warehouse where the money is stored. Dana specifically mentions that there will be no one there and they won’t be noticed. This is as remarkable as the purposeless shower scene, because it also makes no sense is only written into the episode to create tension further down the road.

Where are you?!

Meanwhile, Jack is absolutely no where to be found. This is still his show, right? Because he’s never on it. It’s like those seasons of X-Files without Duchovny or Anderson. What the fuck is going on?! Where is he?!


That’s okay though, because we’re treated to enjoying the shitty Russian Mafia Dad’s storyline with his kids. Which, like the rest of the episode, makes no sense whatsoever. The Russian Mafia Dad orders his two sons to be retrieved from some cancer clinic place, where one of the kids was being saved from his poisonous uranium exposure. How, you ask?

Simple! Well, at first the treatment was going to have to be a complete bone marrow transplant. But then, somehow, the doctor realizes that there was just some pill he could take that would fix him in seven to ten days. He goes from dying, to needing a bone marrow transplant, to taking some sort of pill.

What the fuck?

Then the Russian Mafia Dad brings them back to their Russian bar or whatever it is, and yells at Sark from Alias because he was trying to save his brother’s life. “Don’t you think I care about him?!” And then he shoots his son! The one he cares about! Uh, what? First he gives no good reason for bringing them back from the Cancer Clinic, other than it jeopardized the mission or something. But he was cool with killing everyone in the clinic.

Please, someone save me.

Then he pimp slaps his son, and embraces him. This dude is loco.

Bad Asses Smoke (And die of cancer)

Finally Jack makes the deal with the Russian Rapist Guy, and of course they try and double-cross him. The guy from She’s All That saves Jack’s ass by sniping the show’s equivalent of Stormtroopers, and Jack says a few cool lines. All of it returning me to my initial point which is: PUT JACK ON THE FUCKING SHOW.

24 is awful and hilarious when Jack’s on the screen, but it is enjoyable. I’ll take implausible action scenes, action movie dialogue, and Jack being a thug. It works, it’s awesome. It’s slop, but it is entertaining. When he is on the screen, I’m entertained. Why he’s only on four minutes of an hour of his show is beyond me, but it is driving me towards Hulkian-rage.