Sony Claims Only The Most Hardcore Gamers Use ‘PlayStation Home’. LOL.

PlayStation Home is something I’ve never logged into. Ever. I spent something in excess of $500 a year on video games. Not counting my Live! subscription, nor DLC. According to Sony, I am the type of gamer who should be using Playstation Home. I wouldn’t use it for anything short of money. Or good, good porn networks.


Sony has claimed that only the most hardcore PS3 gamers use PlayStation Home. That sounds like a failure, given the services casual, Second Life-esque dressing, but if Sony wants to spin the fact that a comparatively small demographic is using it, then they’re welcome.

They buy more games than the average PS3 user, they play more games than the average PS3 user,” said Sony’s Jack Buser about the average Home user. “They also watch more movies than the average PS3 user, who is already a highly self-selective consumer.

“We’re talking about rabid consumers of media and hardcore gamers. That’s who these people are.”

Hardcore gamers are playing video games. Not playing virtual bowling with other lonely people.