‘It’ sequel gets official release date, dropping September 6, 2019

it sequel september 6 2019

It, a mediocre at best movie that bamboozled people through nostalgia, love for Stephen King, and surfing the Stranger Things zeitgeist, has an official date for its sequel.

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‘It’ is breaking all sorts of records this weekend. Highest debut for a horror movie and a whole shit load more

it debut record breaking

I didn’t particularly like It. Thought it was okay (at best). Like, certified fresh, but certified fresh grading out at a C- or some shit. Even with that said though, I can’t help but be happy that it’s so goddamn successful. Nice win for horror movies (even if this shit wasn’t scary, but more like laughably goofy), and Mr. King.

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The ‘It’ sequel is officially greenlit, which makes sense ’cause everyone I know is seeing this movie

it sequel officially greenlit

It hasn’t even dropped yet, but its sequel is officially happening. However, this doesn’t really surprise me. The motherfucker has been tracking for a solid release since August, and roughly 75% of the people I am friends with are fervently fucking hyped for the movie.

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The ‘It’ sequel is going to explore the novel’s more “transdimensional” elements. Whatever that means, dude

it movie sequel transdimensional

I don’t know much about It. Never read it. Never seen the original movie. I *do* know that the novel’s latest adaptation is intended to take place across two movies. The second of which will apparently take on a more “transdimensional” quality. This news probably means something to you King fanatics and fans of the original adaptation. But to me? I ain’t got a fucking clue.

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Andy Muschietti planning to direct ‘It’ sequel prior to making ‘Robotech’

andy muschietti it sequel before robotech

I’m pretty fucking torqued for It. Rendar’s surprised by my excitement, as I’ve sort of carved a niche for myself by kiddingly trolling Stephen King for years. But, I don’t know. Nostalgia plus a burgeoning love for horror has me excited. Apparently, apparently I’m not alone in my excitement. The movie is tracking very well, with a sequel almost all but guaranteed. A sequel which director Andy Muschietti intends on making prior to helming Robotech.


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‘It’ Teaser Trailer: You Will Fear Clowns. Again.

I’ve never read It. I haven’t watched the original It in twenty-years. So, I don’t give a sh(it) (ha!) about this trailer. I hope you King folks enjoy it, though!

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Official Look: Bill Skarsgård’s Pennywise from the upcoming ‘It’ movie

Cary Fukunaga leaves adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘It’ over budget cuts


Bummer. After True Detective, I’m looking forward to anything Cary Fukunaga is working on. And it ain’t like he doesn’t have a huge slate of upcoming projects, but the idea of seeing him adaptation a classic was intriguing as fuck.

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