Weekend Open Bar: SMASH ENNUI


Hey, friends! How are you? You may have noticed I haven’t been rockin’ and rollin’ around here much lately. And I’ve been off! For two days straight! The fuck, Caff?! Let me level with you: I’m sort of fucking exhausted with the Internet. Clickbait, Buzzword, Non-News, Hype-Piece, Funny Video, Buzzword, Clickbait, Release Date. Blah, blah, blah. My interest comes. And my interest goes. Such is the life of a bi-polar. Right now it’s scraping the bottom of the barrel.

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Microsoft looking to buy ‘Minecraft’ developer for $2 Billi


Microsoft is looking to get into the fucking Minecraft game even harder. To the tune of $2 billion dollars. I say goddamn!, that’s a lot of mines being crafted. (What does that mean, Caff? Absolutely nothing!)

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Copra - Round One.

Copra is one of resident Johnny Hotsauce’s favorite comic books. And I’ve made no secret about my desire to get into the jam. Jackknife powerbomb into the middle of the narrative-art orgy that is the title. The only problem? Since the jam is self-published, and I’m really lazy, I haven’t been able to get my paws on the Copra. But that appears to be changing in September. COLLECTION GET.

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Buy These Flippin’ Comics!!! (2.25.2014) – Wakey, Wakey! The Wake Returns…

The Wake.

BOOM!  Hotsauce here.  Another Wednesday, another slapdash post by yours truly giving you the 411 on today’s best funnybooks.  This week brings a whole slew of shiz to my pull-list, and I hope your comic bounty is as fruitful as mine so we can reconnoiter in the comment section and share the love.

A full list of the comics released this week can be found HERE.

So hit the jump and let’s talk about sea monsters, fantastic fourways, space cowboys, and the brotherhood of avenging archers!

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Pumped up and ready to rock!

It’s been dated! The arrival of the PlayStation Computing Station-Fourth! Begin pinching your pennies and hocking your seminal fluids and other reproductive goods. You have until the middle of this November.

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Apple buys patent-rich security firm for $356, barely choking back evil cackles whilst doing so.

Apple has snagged up a security firm who is fat-gutted on a glut of patents. I’m sure their evil maestros could barely contain their priapisms and sloppy loins when they finished this deal.

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