‘Wonder Woman 1984’ may hit HBO Max two weeks after theaters. Wild, wild times!

wonder woman 1984 hbo max streaming

In these times, motherfuckers gotta be versatile. In every avenue! So, it’s really interesting seeing how movie studios are navigating the COVID Universe. The latest example of said navigation? Warner Brothers may start streaming Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max two weeks after its theatrical run..

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HBO cancels ‘The Outsider’ but it’s shopping for a new home. The fuck, HBO?! The fuck, you people?!

hbo has canceled the outsider shopping for new home

Man, what the fuck? HBO has canceled The Outsider, which was deeply my jam. However, its production company is shopping for a new home. Motherfuckers, it better get revived. Goddamn HBO, thirty-five seasons of fucking Entourage but this shit gets canned.

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The Safdie Brothers sign first-look deal with HBO. Uncut awesomeness, amirite?

the safdie brothers first-look deal hbo

The Safdie Brothers fucking rock. So, I’m jazzed and jizzing over their first-look deal with HBO.

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HBO is adapting Neal Stephenson’s cyberpunk classic ‘Snow Crash’ into a TV series and I really want this to fucking own

hbo snow crash neal stephenson

Snow Crash is one of my favorite fucking novels, man. Cyberpunk as fuck, stylish as hell. And while adapting it seems like a difficult sled to pull, I think an HBO series is its best bet. Sign me the fuck up.

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‘Watchmen’ Trailer: Previews for Lindelof’s remix continue to intrigue and befuddle. I’m all in.

I’ll admit, I only skimmed this trailer for Watchmen. I really, really want to go into this series blind! That said, fuck, am I ever excited for it.

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HBO’s ‘Watchmen’ series is debuting October 20. Tick. Tock. Motherfuckers!

watchmen premiere october 20

Man, I cannot wait for the goddamn Watchmen series/sequel/whatever on HBO. But, I must fucking wait. Alas, alas. At least now I know when I have to wait until. October 20.

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‘Watchmen’ Trailer: HBO drops its first look at the series, and I’m counting the seconds until its debut.

I am all f-u-c-k-i-n-g in for the Watchmen series coming to HBO. I was prior to this trailer, and fucking boy howdy, am I now.

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HBO has announced the ‘Game of Thrones’ prequel cast, ensuring Winter will never fucking end

hbo game of thrones prequel cast

If you’re one of those who is mourning the end of Game of Thrones, don’t worry. HBO got you covered. The network has revealed the cast of the prequel series, ensuring Winter will never fucking end.

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Watch: HBO drops first look at ‘Watchmen’ and I’m so fucking hype

Last night, HBO dropped a straight-up morsel of their upcoming Watchmen adaptation. It was part of a package of teasers that you can check out above. Is it a lot? Hell nah. Does it tickle my balls? Hell yeah.

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Joss Whedon making a new sci-fi series for HBO so be stoked if that dude is still your speed

joss whedon hbo series

I’ve always sort of been agnostic about Joss Whedon, if I’m being honest. Outside of the Avengers, I’ve only had a glancing relationship with his works. So, I’m not the right person to take the temperature of the room when it comes to the guy. That said, I don’t really give a shit about this news. How about you?

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