‘Hawkeye’ TV series eyes Hailee Steinfeld for lead as Kate Bishop. This. Is. Fucking. Perfect.

hailee steinfeld hawkeye

The Hawkeye TV series has apparently offered Hailee Steinfeld the lead role, where she’d be playing Kate Bishop. You know her as the other Hawkeye, and she’s goddamn fantastic. Equally as goddamn fantastic? Hailee Steinfeld.

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‘Avengers 4’ set photo (once again) confirms Hawkeye is Ronin in the movie

hawkeye ronin avengers 4

Seems like every damn week we are given yet another confirmation that Hawkeye is going to be donning the mantle of Ronin in Avengers 4. Well, it’s a new fucking week! Here’s a new fucking confirmation!

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Rumor: Hawkeye assumes the identity of Ronin in ‘Avengers 4’

rumor avengers 4 hawkeye ronin

Here’s a meaty morsel of Avengers 4 rumor to ruminate over, friends. If the EchoChamber is to be believed, Hawkeye will be adopting none other than his alternate identity of Ronin in the movie. I’m using this news to fuel my own baseless speculation that Avengers 4 is going to take place in a post-apocalyptic universe where Thanos won.

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Kate Bishop is getting her own Hawkeye title!

kate bishop! hawkeye!

Kate Bishop is getting her own Hawkeye title, courtesy of Kelly Thompson, Leonardo Romero and Jordie Bellaire. Fuck to the yes. I’ve been reneging on reading Marvel lately, or if I’m being honest, keeping up with the comic book grind at all. However! However. This might just be enough to get me back into the House of Ideas.

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‘Captain America: Civil War’ International Trailer: Black Widow and Hawkeye are not besties

Jeremy Renner would be down for ‘Hawkeye’ Netflix Series


File under things probably never happening (especially due to the Cold War between Marvel Studios’ TV and Cinematic factions), but fuck would I love it: Jeremy Renner would be down for a Hawkeye Netflix series.

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Art: Awesome posters for imagined Kate Bishop (Hawkeye) Netflix series


Can you imagine how goddamn great this would be?!

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Final issue of Fraction’s ‘Hawkeye’ dropping July 15

Bruh I'll miss u Bruh

The fact that I’m making a post about a release date for a comic is a testament to how much Fraction & Talented Co’s Hawkguy run has moved me over the past three years. The final, oft-delayed, oversized issue will be dropping this July.

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Monday Morning Commute: Frost Giants, Wampas, and White Walkers, Oh My


Another Monday. Another snow day. The Frost God gives no fuck about the Northeast Corridor of the Empire. Week after week The Frostbitten-Fuck Deity has pummeled us, twisting our psychic-nipples and daring us to concede. There sure ain’t no fucking commuting going on for this guy. There sure ain’t no fucking classes being taught. But at least if the heat goes out, I can use all the syllabi I’ve printed out as fucking kindling. ‘Cause they sure aren’t representative of our semester progression any longer. Alas! Alack! And while there isn’t any shuffling to work today, there is the Abyss that is yet another day or two of Cabin Fever.

Here’s what I’m looking forward to and digging this week. Should I be able to leave the house. Should the power remain on.

What are you sweating over the next seven?

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New ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ images feature Hawkguy, Banner, The Twins

Avengers - Age of Ultron.

Want several new images from Avengers: Age of Ultron? Of course you do. Or maybe you don’t. I don’t know you very well. But you have a nice smile, and I think your day is going to be a-okay.

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