Rockstar pays modder $10,000 for fixing ‘GTA Online’ loading times. Dude, I have the wrong skills.

rockstar pays modder 10000 for fixing gta online load times

You know how a modder, like a month back or some shit, found a fix for GTA Online‘s load times? Well, that motherfucker is now $10,000 richer. After implementing dude’s fix, Rockstar paid the dude for his services. Talk about a wild, wild fucking future. Also, fuck me. I really have the wrong sort of skill sets. Unless Rockstar is looking for someone to write very expensive press releases which involve sentences about jizz and Mountain Dew. In which case, I’m about to be fucking loaded.

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‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ new Diamond Casino sets biggest single day and week player numbers since launch. Goddamn, this game will never fucking die!

grand theft auto online casino

I’m spellbound by Grand Theft Auto Online. Like, I find the persistent, enormous player base to be interesting as fuck. And the people dedicated to role-playing? Also dope. So, while I’m not playing it, I find the news surrounding this latest update pretty fucking cool.

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Microtransactions account for nearly half of ‘GTA’ publisher Take-Two’s goddamn revenue

take-two microtransaction profits

Games as services, bay-bee! Games as fucking transaction machines, bay-bee! Even if you hate both of these models, you better get used to them. ‘Cause they’re the goddamn profit engines for countless gaming companies, such as Take-Two.

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Press Start: Micro-Transact My Dick


A vulgar response to a vulgar practice, right? No term sours my gaming experience more than ‘micro-transaction’: something about the idea of paying real money for virtual items just irks me. Call it an out dated, desperate grasp on the good ol’ days, or just plain xenophobia, but it’s an idea that I have real difficulty getting on board with. If solid old school mechanics taught me one thing, it’s that persistence and skill can overcome most hurdles, but very soon, the norm could become dropping a few sheckles to defeat that boss or snag that upgrade instead.

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Press Start: Life of Crime


My neon-lit, arcade childhood was a world where winners didn’t do drugs and the baddest kind of dudes were the ones that ended up rescuing the president. A generation of regular Snake Plisskens. Now, one of the most anticipated games of the entire generation looms on the horizon, but GTA V isn’t offering us the chance to be a hero, rather, it’s giving us the chance to be the criminal badass of our dreams. There’s no denying it: being a criminal is a shit-load of fun.

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