‘EPISODE 7’ News: Gary Oldman and Zac Efron admit they’ve had meetings

Gary Oldman.

Real deal Holyfield: I think I may have a crush on Zac Efron. Such hot. So tan. Double real deal Holyfield: I definitely have a crush on James Gordon. These two studs have apparently had meetings pertaining to All Your Midi-chlorians Belong to Disney: Episode 7, and I’m thinking that’s pretty rad.

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Gary Oldman Joins ‘ROBOCOP’ Reboot As The Dude Who Creates The Bionic Crime Fighter

Wizard dude. The guy from Leon.  Commissioner  Gordon. Smiley. Gary Oldman has himself a fucking career, but what is he going to do after The Dark Knight Rises? Build RoboCop, duh.

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Live Action ‘Akira’ To Feature Gary Oldman and Helena Bonham Carter? Super Whitewash Continues!

The live action Akira continues trudging on, after last week’s news that it was indeed alive. And whitewashing more impressively than The Last Airbender. Today some more casting rumors have floated up, and they’re centered around  Commissioner  Gordon and Marla Singer.

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Gary Oldman Talks About ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, Mentions The Villain.

I fucking warned all six of you regular readers here at OL. I’m going to be riding the jock of The Dark Knight Rises with a fevered nature that’s going to induce both moans of pleasure and screams at the horrible chaffing. While doing promotional work for Red Riding Hood or whatever, Gary Oldman’s begun to spit about TDKR. He’s mentioned that – gasp – it’s fucking dope, and hints at the villain.

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