‘Battlestar Galactica’ Movie News: ‘Westworld’ writer adapting, Francis Lawrence maybe directing


This is uh, this is news. I don’t really think Francis Lawrence is a good director, and all we’ve heard about Westworld is that it’s been a production calamity. So, yeah. Take this news however you wish.

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‘The Hunger Games’ Prequel movies are probably coming from Lionsgate

Hunger Games.

Despite Hunger Games 3.5: The MockingReckoning making few less bank than the other installments, Lionsgate knows a cash cow when it sees one. The company has made an insane amount of money off of the franchise, and like all sensible folk they want to continue nursing that teat until it snaps off, reddened and miserable. How are they intending to do so? I’m glad you asked! Prequels, friends. Prequels.

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First look: Katniss and Finnick in ‘CATCHING FIRE.’ Everyone go nuts.

It’s Katniss! It’s that guy whose name I don’t know, playing Finnick. They’re all posing, looking serious, rubbing up against one another. Wee.

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Jena Melone Chosen For Role Of Johanna Mason In ‘HUGNER GAMES’ Sequel ‘CATCHING FIRE’

Remember that whole cadre of young actresses who were being considered for the role of Johanna Mason in Catching Fire? They’ve been picked apart, leaving only one. Jena Malone. You know her. She gives Kristen Stewart a run for “that disaffected woman who sort of can only show one emotion, and usually that emotional is ‘heavily sedated’, but certain groups fawn over her.”

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‘CATCHING FIRE’ Casting Rumors: Jena Malone (Blegh) And KEVIN NASH (Huzzah!) Up For Roles

We all know that I’m going to see Catching Fire, my obsession with J-Law demanding supplication. Outside of her buxom bossiness though, I haven’t really been stoked about the flick. Then they said the magic words.

Kevin Nash.

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Mia Wasikowska and Zoe Aggeliki Being Considered For Role Of Johanna Mason In ‘CATCHING FIRE’

I don’t know these two actresses, but they are being considered for a role in Hunger Games 2: More Hungry (For Your Money).

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PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN Offered Role As Plutarch Heavensbee In ‘CATCHING FIRE’

Am I being too mean when I say that despite liking him as an actor, I’ve always gotten the vibe that Philip Seymour Hoffman needs to get the fuck over himself? For that reason I can’t see him taking this role. It’s a frannnnnnnnnnnnnchise.

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Francis Lawrence Officially Directing ‘HUNGER GAMES’ Sequel. We Can All Lower Our Hopes Now.

Man, for a while I was amped. The list of potential directors for the Hunger Games  sequel was stacked and everything was looking glossy. Now that they’ve announced the director my world has turned grey. A pall has emerged. Eh, whatever. Second book ain’t that great anyways.

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Francis Lawrence Offered ‘HUNGER GAMES’ Sequel ‘CATCHING FIRE’, Odds Not In Our Favor.

Francis Lawrence is the directorial powerhouse behind Constantaine  and I Am Legend. With such remarkable feats such as those, it makes sense why Lionsgate would court him for Catching Fire.  

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Bennett Miller and Francis Lawrence Added To Possible ‘CATCHING FIRE’ Directors. I’ll Do It. I’ll Direct.

Two more bozo clowns have been added to the list of people that may or may not be directing the Hunger Games  sequel, Catching Fire. One did Moneyball, the other did Constantaine. Figure out which one you would want.

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