Francis Lawrence Officially Directing ‘HUNGER GAMES’ Sequel. We Can All Lower Our Hopes Now.

Man, for a while I was amped. The list of potential directors for the Hunger Games  sequel was stacked and everything was looking glossy. Now that they’ve announced the director my world has turned grey. A pall has emerged. Eh, whatever. Second book ain’t that great anyways.


Setting a director to make  The Hunger Games  sequel  Catching Fire  turned out to be a little more complicated for Lionsgate than was originally expected. While  Gary Rosswas  first thought  to be fully set to reprise his directorial duties after making the smash first film, he  moved on  to other jobs. After  casting about for follow-up options, Lionsgate  made an offer  to  I Am Legend,  Constantine  and  Water For Elephants  directorFrancis Lawrence.

Today Lawrence has signed to make  Catching Fire. The film will start shooting in the fall, and “Jennifer Lawrence,  Josh Hutcherson, and  Liam Hemsworth  will reprise their roles as Katniss, Peeta and Gale, with  Lenny Kravitz,  Elizabeth Banks,  Stanley Tucci,  Donald Sutherland,  Toby Jones, and  Woody Harrelson  also returning to their respective roles.” The release date remains November 22, 2013.

Blah x 1,000.