Jena Melone Chosen For Role Of Johanna Mason In ‘HUGNER GAMES’ Sequel ‘CATCHING FIRE’

Remember that whole cadre of young actresses who were being considered for the role of Johanna Mason in Catching Fire? They’ve been picked apart, leaving only one. Jena Malone. You know her. She gives Kristen Stewart a run for “that disaffected woman who sort of can only show one emotion, and usually that emotional is ‘heavily sedated’, but certain groups fawn over her.”

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THR reports that Jena Malone has been “chosen” and is now in talks for the part, and should this all work out, it guarantees her a slot not only in ‘Catching Fire’ but in the final “Mockingjay” as well. To recap, Johanna Malone becomes a strong ally to Katniss and Peeta during the 75th Hunger Games, but has a testy relationship with Katniss, who likens her to an older sister who hates you. She’s a fierce competitor who has no family and friends left in District 7 where she hails, with her weapon of choice being an axe. This is a rare tentpole move for the actress, but it should probably work out much better than “Sucker Punch” did.

In case you couldn’t notice, I think she sort of sucks.