Rumor: ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot based on unpublished Mark Millar children’s book. Go home Fox, you’re drunk

fantastic four childrens book reboot mark millar

What the fuck are you doing, Fox. Like, can we just give the rights back to Marvel Studios at this point? Please? Jesus fucking Christ. This is a nonsensical idea if the book was written by anyone, let alone Mark Millar.

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Maybe: JOSH GAD is number one choice for THE THING in ‘FANTASTIC FOUR’ reboot

Josh Gad.

I don’t know Josh Gad. Don’t know him! I’m sure he is a lovely guy. Or an awful guy. He’s probably a guy. Whatever quality of human Gad is, the animated fleshling (aren’t we all?) is apparently the number one choice to play The Thing in the new Fantastic Four flick.

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Miles Teller.

Real talk: I don’t know anything about Miles Teller. Do you? Yes? No? Well regardless, if this casting rumors comes to fruition us geeks will be learning a lot about him in the upcoming months.

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‘FANTASTIC FOUR’ REBOOT dropping Spring of 2015. That year is choking.

Well tits. I thought that this year was a busy year for superhero movies, and I suppose it was. However, it ain’t going to have anything in comparison to 2015. A year already choking on superhero films is having another one added to the calendar. That’s right! Fantastic Four, come on down. Join the deluge of tights-and-lasers flicks that will be competing against one another in the third year since the Mayan apocalypse.

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‘FANTASTIC FOUR’ REBOOT Being Penned By Jeremy Slater. I Am Not Familiar.

The Fantastic Four reboot that is being helmed by Josh Trank has landed itself a writer by the name of Jeremy Slater. I am not familiar with this lad.

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Official: ‘CHRONICLE’ Director Josh Trank Helming ‘FANTASTIC FOUR’ Reboot.

Josh Trank, the geek world turns its eyes to you and asks you to give the world what it has never been given. A respectable Fantastic Four flick.

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‘CHRONICLE’ Director Developing ‘FANTASTIC FOUR’ Reboot. Not…Directing?

Chronicle  was a jointy-jam of a flicky-flick this year. It had everything you need in a movie: enjoyment, fun, special effects. Since seeing the movie I’ve been advocating for everyone involved with it to make oodles of money doing whatever they wanted. Namely movies and pornography. It seems my voiciferious nature has paid off, since the director is now doing Fantastic Four. In some capacity.

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