‘CHRONICLE’ Director Developing ‘FANTASTIC FOUR’ Reboot. Not…Directing?

Chronicle  was a jointy-jam of a flicky-flick this year. It had everything you need in a movie: enjoyment, fun, special effects. Since seeing the movie I’ve been advocating for everyone involved with it to make oodles of money doing whatever they wanted. Namely movies and pornography. It seems my voiciferious nature has paid off, since the director is now doing Fantastic Four. In some capacity.


[At] CinemaCon, Fox CEO Tom Rothman said that Trank is indeed developing a new take on the Fantastic Four. Whether or not he’ll direct the film, however, is still open to question.

Collider talked to Rothman, and when asked about Fantastic Four, he said,

Josh Trank who did Chronicle, I think this has been reported, is gonna come on and work on a take, or a vision, that he has for it, so we’re very excited about that.

Asked if Trank is full set to direct, however, Rothman tuned demure,

Well, I think there’s a possibility of [him directing]. I mean he’s gonna develop it now, and then it depends on the script.

…If he’s developing it, why wouldn’t he be pleased enough with the script to direct it? SOMETIMES I DON’T GET THINGS.