Sony planning Spider-Man Universe, continuing work with Marvel


Today, Sony Czar Tom Rothman confirmed that a Spider-Man Universe is in their plans, and they also plan on continuing their relationship with Marvel. Which, you know, is pretty fucking obvious.

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‘THE WOLVERINE’ Shooting In Japan; Three People Are Tots Excite!!!

Are you excited for The Wolverine? Yeah, me neither! Regardless, it is advancing into reality. Day after day, it inches closer to penetrating the thin membrane between Imagined and Consummated. When the pig finally hits the screens, establishing existence in our dimension, it’ll have really groovy shots filmed in Japan.

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‘CHRONICLE’ Director Developing ‘FANTASTIC FOUR’ Reboot. Not…Directing?

Chronicle  was a jointy-jam of a flicky-flick this year. It had everything you need in a movie: enjoyment, fun, special effects. Since seeing the movie I’ve been advocating for everyone involved with it to make oodles of money doing whatever they wanted. Namely movies and pornography. It seems my voiciferious nature has paid off, since the director is now doing Fantastic Four. In some capacity.

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