Rumor: ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot based on unpublished Mark Millar children’s book. Go home Fox, you’re drunk

fantastic four childrens book reboot mark millar

What the fuck are you doing, Fox. Like, can we just give the rights back to Marvel Studios at this point? Please? Jesus fucking Christ. This is a nonsensical idea if the book was written by anyone, let alone Mark Millar.

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Rumor: Marvel Studios reclaims ‘Fantastic Four’ movie rights [Updated]

[Update: Or not. Fuck.]

So, Fox announced a couple of X-Men spin-off television show properties yesterday. Okay. Whatever. Read about them here. But what is really interesting is this rumor: in exchange for signing off on these spin-offs, Marvel has been given the Fantastic Four movie rights.

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Bryan Singer: ‘X-Men’ and ‘Fantastic Four’ crossover movie is “in play”


Is this crossover still going to be in play when Fantastic Four bombs? ‘Cause like — the movie is going to.

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‘Fantastic Four’ Final Trailer: Your Squad Is D00M3D

Rumor: Bryan Singer wanted for ‘Fantastic Four’ sequel to set-up ‘X-Men’ crossover 


Fox wants Bryan Singer to helm the Fantastic Four sequel, in an effort to set-up the franchise’s crossover with the X-Men. Shoutout to Fox for not really giving a fuck about how FF is received, and just marching forward. Determined to make that Shared Universe dollar, banking on X-Men‘s caretaker to lay the groundwork.

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New ‘Fantastic Four’ Trailer: No One Team Should Have All That (Kanye) Power!

Rumor: Fox planning X-Men/Fantastic Four movie crossover in 2018

let thurr be flamewrars

News like this makes me want go to the Altar. Sprinkle incense upon its statuettes of the Darkened Gods. And pray to them for the collapse of the superhero movie market. Not only am I suffering fatigue from even my beloved MCU, but I’m just goddamn inclined to not want to see every fucking movie on the market be superhero related. Yeah, I know I’m contradictory. I’m complicated! Fuck you!

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‘Fantastic Four’ International Trailer: Reed Richards just wants to fix his bruhs

‘Fantastic Four’ TV Spot: See Them Be Fantastic, Duh

‘Star Wars’ News: Josh Trank leaves spin-off film, was probably fired

Josh Trank

When news dropped last night that Josh Trank was leaving his Star Wars standalone flick, Rendar predicted to me he was fired. Well, I’m glad I waited to post about it. So he can like, look way correct.

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