‘Fantastic Four’ Trailer: Interdimensional Uh-Oh Party

Revealed: Official Look of Jamie Bell as The Thing from ‘Fantastic Four’ flick


Hiding it post-jump in case you’re like “Nah nah nah waiting until the movie fam.”

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‘Fantastic Four’ Official Trailer: Consequences & Sacrifices

I don’t know if this movie is going to be any good, even after watching this first trailer. I will say that Michael B. Jordan activating his powers was dope, and I still really like the cast they assembled. Especially after watching Whiplash and Toby Kebbell’s episode of Black Mirror this past Holiday.

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‘Fantastic Four’ comic ending; totally not out of corporate vindictiveness

Fantastic Four.

A summer rumor has become an autumn fact. Fantastic Four is getting cancelled, taking the First Family out of the Marvel Universe. The rumor had it that Marvel was doing so in order to malign Fox, who owns the movie rights over them. And while I imagine The Foursome will return (conveniently after the movie push is over), this is forty-four shades of fucking dumb.

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OMEGA-LINKS: We’ve Got (Brian) Wood for Net Neutrality, and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’


I’ve been fucking BUSY lately. This means several things. First, I’m eating three sandwiches at 4 a.m. while weeping into my Fleshlight. Second, I’m not reading or playing nearly as much as I want to. And third, I have a fucking STACK of articles I haven’t been able to share with you fucks. So color this a Space-Ship Colonic. ‘Cause I’m flushing them links out in one post. We got everything from Brian Wood, to Guardians of the Galaxy, to Netflix slap-fighting with the FCC.

Something ain’t here? Share your own noteworthy nuggets from this week.

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JOSH TRANK (‘Fantastic Four’, ‘Chronicle’) directing ‘STAR WARS’ spin-off

Josh Trank

All the fucking Disney News! ALL OF IT. ‘Cause, you know. The Mouse owns Marvel and Star Wars, brewing up my childhood in a terrifying Mono-Culture Brew. After Dr. Strange’s directorial announcement yesterday comes today’s Star Wars spin-off reveal. THE MOUSE SHALL TAKE OUR MONEY AND DRINK OUR CULTURAL BLOOD.

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Rumor: Marvel putting the ‘FANTASTIC FOUR’ “ON HOLD” because the comic would HELP FOX PROMOTE MOVIE

Fantastic Four #1.

OOPH! And we all thought that the Marvel/Edgar Wright split seemed unseemly. A more sordid rumor making its rounds is that Marvel is going to put Fantastic Four on hiatus because the comic will help promote Fox’s movie. Man. I mean. That’s seventy-shades of fucked up, to me. Pushing (at least) the pause button on Marvel’s First Family? As a strong arm tactic against the studio that owns the movie rights?? So fucking dumb.

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REG E. CATHEY cast in ‘FANTASTIC FOUR’ as Dr. Franklin Storm.


Fantastic Four has found its fantastically stormy father of Sue and Johnny. Does that sentence make sense? What is sense, anyways? Let’s drink! Seriously though, cool news. Reg E. Cathey has been cast as Dr. Franklin Storm.

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Toby Kebbell is DOCTOR DOOM in the ‘FANTASTIC FOUR’ reboot

Toby Kebbell.

You know, for once, I’m stymied. I don’t have anything to say. Toby Kebbell is Doctor Doom in the new Fantastic Four, and I don’t have anything to add. Don’t know the guy. Don’t have a problem with his face. (And yes owing to mental illness sometimes people’s faces just fucking annoy me.) So there’s that! Welcome, Toby.

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Maybe: Fox looking to replace ‘FANTASTIC FOUR’ director, script, cast. Five months before shooting.

Face Palm.

If this ain’t a mess for a Marvel flick happening outside of its Studios Umbrella. Word on the street (or at least the Internet street, which is rife with homeless people, semen-filled syringes, and speculation) is that Fox is actively looking to dump pretty much everything related to its Fantastic Four flick.

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