Cyborg is going to appear in ‘The Flash’ movie. Could be Dope!


Get it? I’m just calling everything about The Flash movie Dope, because it’s got the same director and actress. So shitty puns, man. Shitty puns straight everywhere. Seriously though. Cyborg is in the movie. Cool? Not cool? I don’t know, but I remain optimistic about the film.

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Confirmed: ‘The Flash’ movie casts Kiersey Clemons as Iris West!


Fuck yeah! After the JLA trailer, I’m excited for The Flash. I mean, I was excited when it was announced that Rick Famuyiwa would be directing it. And more excited when it was rumored that Kiersey Clemons would be in it. But now she’s definitely in it, Ezra Miller seems dope as The Flash, and the Dope director is helming it.

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‘Flash’ movie lands new director in Rick Famuyiwa (‘Dope’)

the flash

Rick Famuyiwa’s movie Dope was fun. Not excellent. But fun. Well made. Well shot. Lots of energy. Good performances. DC snagging him to helm Flash makes sense, then, since they need some fun. Some levity. Well done, DC.

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Phil Lord and Christopher Miller working on ‘Flash’ movie

Phil Lord. Chris Miller.

The fucking geniuses behind LEGO Movie and a litany of other projects are taking their talents to Flashville. And god dammit, I could not be happier with the news. The John Wick dudes, the Lord and Miller combo. Warner Bros. and DC are stocking up on talent.

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