‘Bad Times at the El Royale’ Trailer: Horror-Noir and Shirtless Hemsworth from the guy behind ‘Cabin In The Woods’

This is the second Bad Times at the El Royale trailer. And friends, I’m excited as fuck.

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‘X-Force’ movie to be written and directed by Drew Goddard. This is so damn good.

x force movie drew goddard write direct

Drew Goddard got chops, dude. You can taste his chops in Cabin in The WoodsDaredevil (the show), The Martian, among others. Soon, though. Soon you’ll be able to taste his, uh, X-chops. Dude has signed on to write and direct the X-Force movie, which will star Deadpool and Cable.

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‘Deadpool 2’ Script Getting Punched Up By Drew Goddard

deadpool 2 script drew goddard

Drew Goddard is a goddamn beefy writer. So, no, I’m not worried that he’s been brought in to punch up the Deadpool 2 script. I’m excited. Stoked. Stokexcited.

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‘Daredevil’ Season 2 Showrunners to helm ‘The Defenders’ with Drew Goddard exec producing


I finished Daredevil season 2 last night. It was okay? Like, lots of cool moments throughout, but (for me) it sort of fizzled out with about three episodes to go. And man, the monologue at the end of the season is fucking Hackneyed City. With that in mind, I’m okay with the show’s second season showrunners helming Defenders. Specifically if Drew Goddard is going to be more hands-on than he was with the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen’s sophomore outing, which, uh, the news suggests.

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First Look: Matt Damon as astronaut in Ridley Scott’s ‘The Martian’ adaptation

‘Daredevil’ Trailer: Hail to the King(pin), baby!

[Update: Or Nah?] Next ‘Spider-Man’ movie being written and directed by Drew Goddard


This is very, very, very dope news. One of the minds behind Cabin in the Woods (meta! quips! cleverness!) is going to be helming the next Spider-Man movie.

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Steven S. DeKnight.

It hasn’t taken long for the Marvel Machinery to conjure up a replacement showrunner for their Daredevil show on Netflix. Like, what, forty-eight hours? Even that? The turnstiles continue rotating. Drew Goddard out! Steven S. DeKnight in!

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Drew Goddard

LOOK AT THE IMAGE. THINGS ARE SERIOUS. MARVEL IS IN TROUBLE!!!!~!!! Naw, I’m fucking around. Not fretting that much. And yet. Well, when it rains, it pours. And it’s currently pouring ill-fated piss all over Marvel’s face this weekend. Drew Goddard has thrown the deuces up and left the company’s Daredevil TV show. This seems more a case of the dude having too much to do. And while it’s a shame, shoutout to my hyperbolic header image for not really capturing how I feel about it. Which is more of a shrug and a “dang.”

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DREW GODDARD is directing ‘SINISTER SIX’ Spider-Man spin-off

sinister six

That Sinister Six Movie is really coming, eh? Well, if it’s going to happen, it might as well be powered by a talented mind. Sony’s Marketing Machinations have announced that they have successfully ensnared Drew Goddard, and tethered him to the SS directing chair.

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