Rumor: Doomsday appearing in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’


This rumor is making the rounds, again.

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Rumor: Doomsday is in “Batman v Superman.’ *All* the characters


I get in trouble here a lot from random people floating by this Shit Hole Space-Ship who don’t know I’m a hyperbolic, exaggerating douche bag. They ain’t down with my over-the-top shit talking of Batman vs Superman vs Lex Luthor (feat. Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Others, and now Doomsday). So I’m just going to leave this here. Just for you to chew on. Without my typical commentary.

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Sean Murphy’s cover returns us to the ‘REIGN OF SUPERMEN.’

Reign of Supermen!

This is the difference between being young, bright-eyed, idealistic, and old, fat, and cynical. When I was a youngin’, the Reign of Supermen was fucking awesome. If it happened now, I’d spit on the ground and curse the Powers That Be like a loser. Sean Murphy’s recently revealed cover is able to temporarily recuperate my broken spirit. Calling me back to the olden days.

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Rumor: KHAL DROGO (Jason Momoa) in talks to join ‘BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN.’

Jason Momoa.

Good guy Zack Snyder. If reports are to be believed, it seems he is salvaging the man behind Game of Thrones’ Khal Drogo from the trash heap. And thank goodness! Those pectoral muscles need to glisten upon the big screen. (In another movie outside of Conan which the Dude and I sadly saw together. We had a fun time though.) It seems a bit too obvious, but Jason Momoa is a logical Doomsday. Right?

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