Rumor: Doomsday is in “Batman v Superman.’ *All* the characters


I get in trouble here a lot from random people floating by this Shit Hole Space-Ship who don’t know I’m a hyperbolic, exaggerating douche bag. They ain’t down with my over-the-top shit talking of Batman vs Superman vs Lex Luthor (feat. Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Others, and now Doomsday). So I’m just going to leave this here. Just for you to chew on. Without my typical commentary.

For as long as “Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice” has been a thing, villain Doomsday has been rumored to appear in the upcoming movie. As early as last December, word first surfaced about Doomsday showing up in the “Man Of Steel” sequel, and not long after, one of the roles Jason Momoa was potentially linked to (along with Martian Manhunter), was that of Superman’s arch nemesis (the actor eventually signed on to play Aquaman). And now, word about Doomsday is cropping up again.

Bleeding Cool are reporting that according to their source, the character has appeared in designs for the film, and that’s about it. And that would add yet another character the already kinda stuffed movie that features Lex Luthor, andaccording to recent reports will toss in Victor Szasz, Morgan Edge, David Cain and Amanda Waller in various capacities as well. How many more people do you need in this? Although, maybe Doomsday will stop by as cameo and instead tease a more central role in “Justice League.” He’s the kind of baddie we could see requiring a whole team of people to bring him down (after all, he did kill the invincible Superman in the comics). Hell, we’re just throwing ideas in the wind where so who knows. [Play List]