‘Green Lantern Corps’ May Be Directed By David S. Goyer. Oh, God, Warner Bros.

david s. goyer directing green lantern corps

David S. Goyer is not good. But he continues to get chances working with the DC movie universe. Probably because, despite not being good, the DCU movies continue to make fuck tons of money.

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Rumor: ‘Batman’ solo movie to feature The Red Hood, Joker, based off “A Death In The Family”

Batman from Dawn of Justice.

The Batman solo flick is the one movie I’m really, really, really sweating in the DCU. Primarily because I think Ben Affleck is a talented director (if he ends up directing the movie, which he keeps wavering on, but I have faith), and the movie, won’t, you know, involve Zack Snyder. Details are beginning to emerge (or purportedly emerge, I guess) about the movie, and whelp. It seems interesting.

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Bleh: David S. Goyer developing ‘Krypton’ TV series

Man of Steel

Even before David S. Goyer shot his mouth off in an impressive combination of comic book and cultural ignorance, he didn’t do much for me. So the dude developing a Krypton TV show does very little for me. Other than provide a poor excuse for me to point out that the dude is a blight.

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Rumor: Brainiac is totally villain in ‘Justice League’ movie


Who is going to be the Big Bad that galvanizes the superheroes of the DCU into one hot, throbbing package? If you believe this rumor — Brainiac.

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Warner Bros. reveals dates for nine DC Comics movies. Aiight.


With Marvel throughly dominating the movie game, it seems like Warner Bros. and DC want to remind everyone they’re deathly committed to churning out their own comic book movies. V. SERIOUS, V. GRAY movies starring V. SAD and V. BROODING CHARACTERS (#TrollAllDay #TrollAllNight). This reminder has taken the shape of nine revealed release dates from the company, with Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer confirmed to write and direct all of them (#TrollingIntensifies).

Though not yet confirmed, it’s also been reported that WB is in talks with Crayola’s Gray, Black, and Sad crayons, and the concept of Monochrome to sponsor their bill of flicks. Here’s hoping!

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Geoff Johns: DC’s TV and Movie Universes ain’t the same thing

frowny cakes

Geoff Johns has come out and confirmed what I kind of assumed to be obvious: DC’s movie and television universes are not one entity. Which really smacks of a good thing for those of you who enjoy The Green Arrow Guy and are anticipating Flashman. Keep that Snyder and Goyer cynicism far away from your beloved bitties.

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Rumor: Doomsday is in “Batman v Superman.’ *All* the characters


I get in trouble here a lot from random people floating by this Shit Hole Space-Ship who don’t know I’m a hyperbolic, exaggerating douche bag. They ain’t down with my over-the-top shit talking of Batman vs Superman vs Lex Luthor (feat. Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Others, and now Doomsday). So I’m just going to leave this here. Just for you to chew on. Without my typical commentary.

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Matt Damon.

*Insert innumerable jokes about Batman and Aquaman talking to each other in Boston accents. Asking each other how they like apples. Maybe combing Robin Williams’ beard. Final sentence ends the post with shot at Zack Snyder and all the creative powers that be at DC Entertainment.*

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CYBORG cast in ‘BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN.’ So, this is ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE’, right?


Okay, yeah. You can call it whatever you want. Man of Douche 2. Batman vs. Superman. World’s Finest. I’m calling it – at best – Justice League. Or I’m calling it – at worst – Snyder and Goyer have no idea how to build a Universe.

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Joaquin Phoenix.

If this rumor holds, the Man of Steel franchise will continue assimilating a ridiculous quantity of talented actors into its corpus. WB apparently wants Joaquin Phoenix to play Lex Luthor, and I think that would be fucking awesome.

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