Rumor: Brainiac is totally villain in ‘Justice League’ movie


Who is going to be the Big Bad that galvanizes the superheroes of the DCU into one hot, throbbing package? If you believe this rumor — Brainiac.


Rumors have said that Darkseid, DC’s inter -dimensional villain who inspired Thanos over at Marvel, might be the bad guy for the upcoming Justic League film. Now a new rumor changes that up, saying that the League will instead ally against Braniac. (Though there’s no reason we couldn’t see both in the film in some way.) 

It’s Latino Review with the news on both fronts. LR says that Chris Terio is writingJustice League, following up on his work with Ben Affleck on Argo, which led to a rewrite gig on Batman v Superman. And for Justice League, LR claims the villain will be Braniac. That character has appeared all over DC comics over the years, but is typically associated with Superman.

He’s an interesting choice — an alien who often controls robotic or drone bodies. Drone warfare is a hot-button topic now, and could still be by the time this film is released in the 2017-8 range. That alone might make Braniac a good call. We’ll have more when there’s some sort of confirmation on the intel.

It makes sense to me. Especially if they’re truly going the Brainiac = drones warfare shit. Lots of shit flying around, giving everyone on the roster something to KICK/PUNCH/DESTROY. What do you think?