Rumor: Doomsday is in “Batman v Superman.’ *All* the characters


I get in trouble here a lot from random people floating by this Shit Hole Space-Ship who don’t know I’m a hyperbolic, exaggerating douche bag. They ain’t down with my over-the-top shit talking of Batman vs Superman vs Lex Luthor (feat. Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Others, and now Doomsday). So I’m just going to leave this here. Just for you to chew on. Without my typical commentary.

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Rumor: KHAL DROGO (Jason Momoa) IS AQUAMAN in “Batman vs Superman’

Jason Momoa.

All the characters! All of them in Justice League Batman v Superman. Jason Momoa has reportedly been cast as Aquaman in the flick by the Gang of Bros. I’m for it. Throw that dude on a sick Sea Horse, and he can go around Marauding and shit.

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