Leaked: Live-Action ‘Titans’ cast, including Dick Grayson, and Barbara Gordon


ALL HAIL THE PANTHEON OF DC COMIC BOOK TELEVISION EXPERIENCES. Hail! Hail! Hail! All hail this leak of the cast for an upcoming addition to the pantheon, Titans.

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Cosplay: Rule 63 NIGHTWING is my everything


Yes. Yes indeed, this cosplay works for me. Some menacing, by-the-moonlight, body-suit-powered Rule 63 Nightwing cosplay. Mmmhmm.

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Rumor: DICK GRAYSON to make appearance in ‘BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN.’

Dick Grayson. And Robin.

Eh, it ain’t as titillating to me as Marvel rocking four new live-action series on Netflix, but this is pretty cool. Right? Dick Grayson may be showing up in Batman vs. Superman, according to sources. Humans. Specifically the Latino Review.

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OL Store: You don’t respect Dick (Grayson) enough, goddammit.

Dick Grayson, man. Dude spends years toiling away underneath the it-ain’t-ever-good-enough scowl of Bruce Wayne’s cowl. Then he finally gets to don the mantle for like, a solid six months before Bruce is all back from the time stream and shit. No sooner does Wayne get back from hanging out with the the Creation of Man and the Heat Death of the Universe does he just up and take back the Bat Suit. Oh, yeah, it’s cool, Bruce. Thanks for asking. No respect. None.

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Face of a Franchise: The Boy Wonder!

[face of a franchise presents two individuals that’ve fulfilled the same role. your task — choose the better of the two and defend your choice in the rancor pit that is the comments section]

For nearly seventy-two years, Robin has assisted Batman in reclaiming the streets of Gotham from the clutches of the criminal element. Along the way, Robin has served as the perfect complement, adding a sugar cube of idealism to the coffee cup of justice-via-vengeance that is Batman. Robin is firmly embedded into the fabric of comics, embodying for most what it means to be a supporting character.

There’s no denyin’ that Robin is the most celebrated superhero sidekick of all time.

However, what is up for debate is who to credit with the best performance as Robin. Let’s take a look at the two combatants!

From 1966 to 1968, the Caped Crusader protected the airwaves with his iconic ABC series. While most comics fans can probably pick Adam West out of a crowd, they may be hard pressed to identify Burt Ward, the man responsible for the televisional depiction of Robin. In reality, Ward is largely responsible for solidifying our modern conception of Robin as a figure of wonderful idiosyncrasy. Without Burt Ward, we might not think of Robin as dude who wears green underwear in public, proudly refers to himself as the Boy Wonder, and constantly yells out, “Holy [insert campy reference here], Batman!”

The other praise-worthy portrayal of Dick Grayson was crafted by Chris O’Donnell. Director Joel Schumacher was so enamored of O’Donnell that he cast him in both of his neon-powered, head-scratching Batman flicks. With two films’ worth of canvas, O’Donnell paints Robin as less of a whimsical teen acrobat and more of a callused twenty-something carny. Additionally, Chris O’Donnell was so courageous in his performance that he donned the first Robin suit to feature nipples. Yowzah!

We all know who Batman is.

But who is Robin – Burt Ward or Chris O’Donnell?

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Batman, Inc. – Gotham Crooks Weep.

The most pressing comics-issue on my mind as of late has been What’re they going to do with Bruce Wayne when he returns? Fortunately, my fears that Grayson would have to return to his gig as Nightwing have been assuaged. Apparently, Bruce isn’t going to reclaim the cowl for himself, but share it with his former ward.

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Dick Grayson Hottest, Poison Ivy Cumshots!


Guess what, Dick Grayson is the hottest! I’m glad someone searched Dick Grayson Hottest and found us! Welcome my child, you have found a new home.

In fact, what could be hotter than DICK GRAYSON?! Dick Grayson and Poison Ivy Cumshots! That’s right, someone searched Poison Ivy Cumshots and they were shuttled to our humble inter-abode.

I’m glad that when I think “Ian, you’re so fucked up, why do you find Ivy’s slithering vines so erotic?”, someone else comes along and informs me they’re searching the internet for Poison Ivy getting ejaculate all over her.

And the only way to make this post right, would be by suggesting that the hottest, Dick Grayson, supply the splooge.

Yes, I commandeered a computer powered by Cows and Moonshine to make this post out in central New York. Merry fucking Labor Day!