‘Dead Space’ Remake in the works at Motive and is akin to ‘Resident Evil 2’ Remake. Fuck yeah!

dead space remake ea motive

We all pretty much knew a Dead Space remake was coming prior to this news. Fuck, I even covered it. However, we know a bit more, and what we have learned has me stoked. The son of a bitch is going to be similar to the Resident Evil 2 remake, which took a lot from its source. Yup! I’m in.

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‘Dead Space’ Revival rumored to revealed at EA Play 2021. Don’t fuck with me. Don’t.

dead space revival ea play 2021

Dead Space and its sequel are two of my favorite games, before EA pushed it into a shitty cover-based shooter. Of course, then they fucking killed Visceral Games, and with it, I thought, hopes for a new title. Not so, if you believe rumors. Indeed, there are murmurings that a Dead Space revival will be shown at the upcoming EA Play 2021. Fucking Hell, I can’t even handle thinking about it.

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‘Prey’ Gameplay Trailer: Dead BioShock Space

The more I see of Prey, the more I want it. Oh sure, it seems like a shameless amalgamation of Dead Space (and other science-fiction Gothic haunted houses) and BioShock. But that, friends, is exactly why I want it. Plus, the “mimic matter” gameplay mechanic seems dope as fuck.

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‘HALO 4’ LEAD DESIGNER joins VISCERAL. Make it so.

Dead Space 3.

Halo 4 was dope. Trust me. I’m not a fanboy of the series. It was fun. Fresh. Funky fresh. Master Chief’s new haircut and wandering sexual proclivities really upped the ante in the series. So I’m excited to see the game’s lead designer throw up the deuces and join Visceral Games. Maybe the Good Sir can unfuck the Dead Space series. Should it even get a sequel, right?

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Pressssss Sssstarrt! – Dare to Scare


Somewhere out there, unbelievable as it may be: someone is surprised that Dead Space 3 wasn’t a resounding success. Whoever that may be clearly doesn’t see the issue with watering down a great horror game so much that it becomes a tepid co-op shooter with faux-RPG elements. In fact, if you think of all the meetings and work hours this game went through in order to get made, it’s startling to think that nobody suggested how fucking awful an idea the game was. In actuality, they probably did, but they then met with some sort of comedic ejection procedure (my money is on tossed from a first storey window by two burly security guards).

Thank Dead Space 3 for fucking up horror gaming for the rest of us: no doubt convincing investors that the genre is a lame duck. Next, thank Bethesda for being confident enough to get Shinji Mikami making a proper horror game. Dreams can come true.

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‘DEAD SPACE’ Isaac Clarke Figure Is Fan Made Awesome.

This is some hotness right here. A Korean fan of Dead Space  has gone and created the Isaac Clarke figure from whence all others shall be judged.

Hit the jump to check it out in all its glory.

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Rumor: Dead Space 3 Going Full Fight Club On Us?

There’s more purported Dead Space 3 plot details, and if they’re true Dead Space 3 will have Isaac Clarke going full on Fight Club. Sort of.

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Dead Space 3 Plot Details Leaked? To Take Place On Ice Planet?

Dead Space 2. One of my favorite games of the year. Dead Space 3: one of my most anticipated games. There’s a rumor mill a-churning! Bringing potential details about the third installment in the series.

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