In The DC Relaunch, Superman Is A Single, Flightless Orphan. Frown!

It seems that DC is going all out in their shaking up of Superman’s mythos for the DC Relaunch. The Clark Kent we’re getting in September is going to be markedly different than the one we get right now. Kent is going to be an orphan twice-over who initially can’t fly, and isn’t tapping any Lane booty. Dude’s sufferin’.

Also interesting is that the Superman titles will be taking place in different points in time.

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Is This The New Justice League Line-Up From The DCnU?

Oh DC Reboot! Will you ever finish giving me excuses to update a blog in the middle of a leisurely Sunday? Why, in September you will! Until then! Some artwork has dropped, and people are speculating it’s the new JLA line-up. Commence conjecture.

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Dan Didio Confirms The End of The Lois Lane/Clark Kent Marriage?

It seems that DC is gutting the marriage between Clark Kent and Lois Lane in the post-Flashpoint world. I suppose where there’s a reboot, there’s the idea that you can separate a couple and get rid of their marriage. That way you can totally get them married again, and get those cheap sales. Right? High-five!

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Jeff Lemire Is Writing ‘Animal Man’, And The Complete List of All New #1s.

I don’t know how in the names of the Lords of Kobol that I missed this. I lamented that Jeff Lemire was no longer writing Superboy. What I didn’t notice, because of various ignorances and stupidities is that he is writing Animal Man. I’ll take that trade any day of the week.

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Grant Morrison To Take Over ‘Action Comics’, Finally The DC Reboot Makes Sense!

For all my confusion regarding and annoyance with the DC Reboot-refry-rehash-resomething, it’s shuffling of creators has paid off. DC has announced the creative teams for the Super Titles, and Grant Morrison is writing Action Comics.

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‘Batman Inc’ To Relaunch In 2012 by Morrison. DC, You Confuse Me.

I’m having an impossible time trying to figure out what’s going on with the DCU. I know that Flashpoint is changing everything but like how? I suppose that’s half the intrigue of the entire enterprise, but it’s leaving me quite flummoxed. It’s a reboot, relaunch, reprise, rehash, refry, re-something. I just don’t know what. I’d really like to. After lamenting that Dick Grayson is going back to Nightwing, and all of Batman Inc. is getting peeled away, apparently it isn’t?

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