Is This The New Justice League Line-Up From The DCnU?

Oh DC Reboot! Will you ever finish giving me excuses to update a blog in the middle of a leisurely Sunday? Why, in September you will! Until then! Some artwork has dropped, and people are speculating it’s the new JLA line-up. Commence conjecture.

Enlarge. | Via.
Robot 6:

As you can see, it features the seven heroes we’ve seen in the  preview shot that’s been making the rounds since DC announced the new  Justice League book coming in September (the original seven — Martian Manhunter + Cyborg), as well as several more heroes – Firestorm, Atom, Deadman, Hawkman, Green Arrow, Mera, maybe Black Canary and another character I couldn’t easily identify, but  DC Women Kicking Ass identifies as Element Woman.

No official word has come from DC that these characters are indeed the rest of the new Justice League, so it’s speculation at this point. It makes sense, based on the design, but for some reason I thought they said there were only seven more characters in the League, not eight. But maybe I’m misremembering.

Am I the only human being alive who is tired of Jim Lee’s style? I can’t be. Can I?