Danny Boyle has left ‘Bond 25’ over creative fucking differences. Let the dude make his movie!

danny boyle bond 25 creative differences

Man, what the fuck. You don’t hire Danny Boyle to make a stock-ass, boring Bond movie. But, it appears that’s what the Czars wanted. because dude has left the Bond 25 over creative differences.

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Danny Boyle is officially directing Daniel Craig’s final ‘Bond’ movie

danny boyle bond 25 final daniel craig

It had been rumored that Danny Boyle would be directing Daniel Craig’s final Bond movie. Well, now it’s officially fucking official. I’m down with the choice. Boyle is talented, and he’s brought along the fucking Trainspotting’s writer to help with the script. Feels a bit outside the box, and I love that.

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Danny Boyle is the frontrunner to direct ‘Bond 25’ at least for now, in this moment, who knows really though

danny boyle bond 25 director

Man, it feels like we’ve been talking about Bond 25 fucking forever. Who will be playing Bond? Well, Daniel Craig was finally confirmed. Who will be directing Bond? Well, Danny Boyle is looking like the motherfucker for the job now.

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‘Steve Jobs’ Trailer: Meet The World’s Favorite TechnoJerkLord

Danny Boyle’s next movie is the ‘Trainspotting’ sequel


These days, Danny Boyle is putting the finishing touches on the upcoming Steve Jobbers flick. This means that the good sir is soon going to turn his All-Seeing-Camera-Eye (just own this shitty sentence, Caff, own it) on his next project. Which turns out! to be the talked about Trainspotting sequel.

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‘Steve Jobs’ Trailer: Michael Fassbender In A Turtleneck

Sorkin’s Steve Jobs movie is dropping October 9th


Do you have any desire to see Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs flick? ‘Cause it’s dropping October 9th.

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Confirmed: Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs in Sorkin’s Biopic

Christian Bale

YEAH SO I don’t think of Christian Bale when I think of people who are perfect to play Steve Jobs. No worry. The motherfucker knows a thing or two about reinventing himself for a role.

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