‘ROBIN RISES: OMEGA’ could see the return of DAMIAN WAYNE

Robin rises

Damian Wayne! Motherfucker was dope as fuck, slapping around foes with Daddy, and flaunting his superior genes. Then they killed his ass off. However, it looks like he is going to be coming back from the grave. Like every other comic character. Ever.

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‘AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2’ TV Spot: Chimney Cleaning Is Dangerous

look at that fucking taut ass

With Captain White Guy: White Guys Fight Over The World 2 dropping today, Sony is eager to remind the comic book fandom they have their own super-powered white dude coming to save the day this summer. Droppin’ a fucking extended TV spot for the Amazing Spider-Man 2. It’s aiight. I’m ready! Ready to dig into this flick.

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Get this guy a movie.

Cinematic comic book universes for all! All the universes! All the characters! ‘Cause when something is hot in Hollywood, you do the obvious. Wring the concept of all its energy, novelty, and excitement. Sony knows how Hollywood works. Sony has their hands obviously on the meat grinder.

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Grant Morrison explains why SUPERHERO MOVIES aren’t enough. Read the comics.

Grant Morrison.

Grant Morrison has an interesting quote regarding what people will miss should they eschew reading comic books in favor of only watching funny book movies. It’s intriguing, because I have lately been wrestling with my own contempt for the printed formula while simultaneously jacking it to the cinematic flavor. What would I be missing if I got off the comic book Ferris Wheel?

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Mark Millar spits about making a cohesive Marvel Universe for Fox Films. Aiiiggghhhttt.

Suppose I’m just dropping Marky Boy these days. How exactly can one create a cohesive Marvel Universe over at Fox when Marvel retains the majority of the film rights? You can’t, really! What you can do is squeeze every ounce of juice out of the titles and characters that you do own. Right?

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RZA follows-up directorial debut by adapting Grant Morrison’s “Happy!’, this is rad.

What a weird and welcome development coming down the pipe. The RZA is following-up his first stab at directing by adapting Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson’s new comic book, Happy!. While I haven’t read the fucking comic book yet, having not gotten to the shelves recently, I’m like totally intrigued. Totally.

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JESSICA BIEL To Play Viper In ‘THE WOLVERINE’, The March Of Irrelevance Continues

I love me some Jessica Biel. Don’t get me wrong. It’s just that it’s going to take more than her to get me stoked for The Logan Guy.

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Let us not postulate any longer! There is no need. This is the official timeline of the Marvel Movie universe. Complete in typical sexy infographical form for us to digest.

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James Badge Dale Signs On To ‘IRON MAN 3’ As Villain. I’ll Take It.

James Badge Dale has held it down on a lot of works, but I liked him the most in the ill-fated Rubicon. Since AMC nixed it, while perpetuating slop like Walking Dead, and Kevin Smith’s Fat Zany Adventure, I’ve been rooting for everyone involved in the submarined television show, especially the lead. Casting him in Iron Man 3  is a particularly delicious development, for this really drawn out reason.

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Joss Whedon Would Like More Females In ‘AVENGERS 2’, Moi Aussi!

One of Joss Whedon’s calling cards is his ability to write some powerful ladies. However no matter the success of Avengers, its lovely husk was filled with only one female lead. This is an occurrence our Lord Whedon would want to address in the sequel.

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