Christian Bale in talks to join ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ and man oh man would this rock

christian bale thor love and thunder

Getting some Christian Bale in our Thor: Love and Thunder? Getting some Bruce Wayne in our THO4? Sign me the fuck up, dudes.

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‘The Big Short’ Trailer: McKay’s movie on the Housing Crisis enlists Bale, Pitt, and Gosling

This movie has certainly come out of left field for me. Adam McKay and a bevy of sexy, talented actors are taking on the scumfucks and the 2008 Housing Crisis? Interesting. Interesting indeed. I’ll see it.

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Sometimes you just genuinely miss Christian Bale as The Dark Knight

‘Knight of Cups’ Trailer: No One Cares About Reality Anymore

Knight of Cups

Oh dip! Terrence Malick rocking the dark, debauched tip with his typical cinematic beauty. Sign me up, good sir.

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Confirmed: Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs in Sorkin’s Biopic

Christian Bale

YEAH SO I don’t think of Christian Bale when I think of people who are perfect to play Steve Jobs. No worry. The motherfucker knows a thing or two about reinventing himself for a role.

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David Fincher wants CHRISTIAN BALE to play Steve Jobs in biopic.

Christian Bale.

Remember that Steve Jobs flick that Aaron Sorkin was writing the script for? Don’t worry. I completely forgot about it too. You know, the sheer awesomeness that was Ashton Ketchup’s movie about Jobs vaporizing even the idea that there could be another movie about the same topic. But low and fucking behold! The Sorkin joint still exists. Fincher is directing. And get this! Christian Bale may play Jobs.

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Rumor: BALE offered $50-60 MILLION to once again BE THE GODDAMN BATMAN


With WB having essentially nothing memorable to hang their cock upon in the comic book movie universe, this report doesn’t surprise me in the least. You may turn your nose up at the implausibility of the price, but RDJ got offered a fucking King’s Ransom to return to Avengers 2 and 3, and they have a thriving MCU.

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‘AMERICAN HUSTLE’ TRAILER: Thieving Thieves and Rockin’ Haircuts

American Hustle

Here’s the trailer David O. Russel’s latest jam, American Hustle. The trailer doesn’t feature much in the way of exposition but eh, who fucking cares? Tired of seeing trailers that spit out the entire premise. Instead we’re treated to Christian Bale with righteous shitty hair, Amy Adams in a swimsuit, and Led Zepplin. A fairest of trades.

Hit the jump to check it out.

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“NO DUH” DEPARTMENT: Christian Bale says he AIN’T playing Batman in ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE’ flick.


Can you believe this shit? I mean — I’m shocked. Christian Bale says he isn’t playing Batman in the Justice League flick. But, I mean…the press surrounding TDKR where Nolan and Bale both repeatedly confirmed they were done with Batman…sort of left me thinking they may (totally not be) back.

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Rumor: CHRISTOPHER NOLAN in talks to guide ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE’ flick, BALE back as BATMAN.

Christopher Nolan.

Christopher Nolan is maybe-apparently in talks to take over stewardship of the Justice League movie. I can sort of swallow that. Taste it on my tongue. What I have a hard time believing, and definitely what I have a hard time figuring out my feelings regarding, is the potential for Bale to once again don the cloak in said film. How does all of this make your nethers feel? Tell me.

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