‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Casting News: Cate Blanchett, Jeff Goldblum, Karl Urban

Thor - Ragnarok

Thor 3 got itself a fucking silly-stacked cast. We already knew about Mark Ruffalo. We already knew about Tessa Thompson. We sort of knew about Cate Blanchett. But Goldblum and Urban, too? Marvel ain’t fucking around, and I imagine for good reason. As much as (my butt) and I worship the Odin-Son, his outings have been largely forgettable to the masses at large. Here is hoping the third installment’s as fantastic as its cast.

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‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Rumor: Cate Blanchett playing the villain Hela

Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett ain’t even been confirmed for Thor: Ragnarok. But that hasn’t stopped us, the Internet Collective, from learning her role. Potentially.

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Report: ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ adding Cate Blanchett as new female lead


On occasion I refer to my belief that the SuperheroLeviathanBastardBeast will be endlessly consuming the entire list of A-List actors, vomiting them out one by one into movie after movie. With Cate Blanchett being added to Thor: Ragnarok, I continue to feel confident in my prediction. But, fuck. I dig this as a fanboy.

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‘Knight of Cups’ Trailer: No One Cares About Reality Anymore

Knight of Cups

Oh dip! Terrence Malick rocking the dark, debauched tip with his typical cinematic beauty. Sign me up, good sir.

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Cinematic Polyamory: The Cheekbones Edition

 Welcome to Friday’s (no longer Thursday, because I apparently can’t get my shit together on Thursdays) most ridiculous column, Cinematic Polyamory, which — for those of you playing the home game — basically amounts to an ongoing list of the famous people I want to bang.

Last week, I opened with my two number one celeb spouses: Emma Thompson and Steven Spielberg. Today’s lucky duo have been on the list since 2005; celeb hubby #2 has been fixed at numero duo ever since I clapped eyes on him, while celeb wife #2 took about a year to get to her current spot. Never the less, they remain two of the most powerful actors today and someday I will be married to one or both of them. Because I have goals. And I always accomplish my goals. Just give me a pack of Orbit Wintermint gum, a pair of scissors, some lube, and a duck mask, and I’ll have what I want within an hour or so.

Terrified? You damn well should be.

As that Kabuki-looking chick from The Hunger Games says: ladies first.

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