‘Captain Marvel’ sequel in the works with new writer. Higher, further, faster, better writing!

captain marvel sequel new writer

I really like the character Captain Marvel, but I was meh as hell on her solo movie. So, I’m stoked she’s getting a sequel, but I’m even more stoked it is getting a new writer.

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Monday Morning Commute: Higher. Further. Faster.

monday morning commute higher further faster

Hey, fellow crew mates of the Space-Ship Omega! How the fuck are you? I know it’s been a minute since I punched out a Monday Morning Commute, but what do you want? I’ve been busy! I got mental health issues! It’s cold, and snowy, and miserable, and I just want to lay under my anxiety blanket until the worm turns on this shit-ass season.

But, this week I’ve pushed through!

Ripping opening the door to the Space-Ship’s common room and hollerin’ for ya’ll to join me in it! Come hang out, and let me know what you’re looking forward to this week! As well, inform me of the various tunes, toons, tits, and other sundries you’re currently enjoying!

Not sure how this works? Eh, I don’t believe you! However, like any good spinner of pedagogy, I’ll model the exercise first! Then, you join me in the comments.

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‘Captain Marvel’ Trailer: Carol and Fury go full Buddy Comedy!

I’m worried about Captain Marvel, dude. Maybe it’s nothing. But like, I’m worried about its tone. Because, again, like, what exactly is its tone? From the trailers, it seems all over the goddamn place. Intergalactic epic. Buddy comedy. Captain America-esque? I’m, I’m not sure. I hope my concerns are misplaced.

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‘Captain Marvel’ Trailer: So…Skrulls are the bad guys?

New Captain Marvel trailer! Lots of exposition and looks at her powers. Which are, honestly, disappointing. I didn’t expect them to feature her Binary-esque powers so heavily. I just sort of want her punching things! Alas.

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‘Captain Marvel’ Trailer: So, You’re Not From Around Here

Fuck yeah, my dudes.

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‘Captain Marvel’ gets ass-load of official images. Rest easy nerds, her suit is fucking rad

captain marvel official images ew

Yesterday, EW blew the fucking lid off of Captain Marvel. The magazine-website-thing dropped ten official photos, and they’re all pretty rad. Her suit? Dope. Skrulls? Dope. Fucking Kree? Dope.

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‘Captain Marvel’ official look revealed through official merchandise. God bless marketing > preventing spoilers!

captain marvel official look merchandise

Hey! You! MCU stan! Do you want to see an official look at Captain Marvel? Hit the jump!

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‘Captain Marvel’ News: Lee Pace and Clark Gregg are returning to the MCU, baby!

captain marvel lee pace clark gregg

Wild, wild fucking reveals here from the Captain Marvel cast list, and I mean this in a good way. It appears that both fucking Agent Coulson and Ronan will be appearing in the movie.

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‘Captain Marvel’ has cast ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ star DeWanda Wise in co-lead role

shes gotta have it dewanda wise captain marvel

I’m not familiar with DeWanda Wise’s work. However (signal phrase), I have heard that She’s Gotta Have It is good. Not only that (signal phrase), but goddamn do I trust Marvel’s casting decisions. So (signal phrase), this is cool!

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‘Captain Marvel’ casts Jude Law as its male lead. Well, dude finally gets a comic book movie

captain marvel jude law male lead

Jude Law was sweating being in a Watchmen movie back in the day, but that didn’t happen. Zack Snyder had other designs, like shitting on the property before turning his destructive eyes towards the DCU proper. However, now Law is finally getting into the capes-and-lasers game.

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