‘IRON MAN 3’ BLU-RAY to feature AGENT CARTER short film. Aiight!

Agent Carter.

I had myself a crush on Peggy Carter in Captain Unfrozen Guy: Tony Stark’s Second Fiddle. Big time. So when dummy Rogers plunged his bi-plane-thing-whatever into the ice, I figured I would never see her again. That isn’t the case! Not at all. In fact, I may be seeing her even sooner than Cap 2: Bucky Lives! When, you ask? Perchance the Iron Man 3 Blu-Ray.

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Robert Redford confirmed as HEAD OF S.H.I.E.L.D in ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier.’


It looks like we’re about to have one of those wacky Nick Fury goes rogue stories or the such, following the events of Avengers 2. How else do explain that Robert Redford is going to be the head of S.H.I.E.L.D in Cap 2: Bucky’s Bionic Arm?

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‘GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’ is “95% in space”, can’t be worse than ‘GREEN LANTERN.’ Plus, Cap 2 news.

Guardians of the Galaxy.

Goddamn! Guardians of the Galaxy is going to take place in space. Did you know that? Seems pretty obvious. Still, it strikes me as a bit of a risk. Expensive-ass space movie starring characters pretty much no one knows? Marvel is rolling their nuts around in the honey when it comes to Guardians of the Galaxy. The only question is whether they shall be glazed in glory, or if fire ants will latch onto their financial risk. Oh yeah! And did you know that Captain America 2: LOL You Didn’t Know Bucky Lives? is going to be a political thriller?

All that and more, within!

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Marvel has revealed their “Phase 2” titles in the post-Avengers world, and holy fucking shit. They’re going Winter Soldier. Fuck. Yes.

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‘CAPTAIN AMERICA 2’ DIRECTORS Down To Russo Brothers Or George Nolfi

The kerfuffle surrounding Captain America 2: Cap Doesn’t Get Cellphones At All‘s potential director is becoming a bit more clear. The field, once vast and filled with hopefuls and talented lads and lasses, has been cut down to two parties.

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‘CAPTAIN AMERICA’ Sequel Announced For April 2014.

Provided that the world doesn’t end in December (it’s going to, fuck science and fuck you too), Marvel is going to continue churning out installments of the comic-book-movie-industrial-complex. Hope you’re not sick of the flicks, cause they’re lined up for years, and years, and years. The latest joint to get an official sequel release date is Captain America: Fucking Silly Poses.

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‘CAPTAIN AMERICA 2’ Potential Directors Down To Four. Keep The Machine Going!

Marvel has this thing they do, where if there’s a moderately enjoyable film of theirs, they manage to squeeze the director out of the chair. This is in contrast to paying them what they deserve, or giving them the control they probably earned. Captain America 2  is getting going, and the director who made the flick isn’t even on the potential list of minds to helm the sequel.

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