‘Disintegration’ Trailer: Meet the new FPS from the co-creator of ‘Halo’ which totally doesn’t feel aesthetically like ‘Destiny’

Like, who knows how Disintegration will play. But, based on the trailer? Holy fucking Destiny aesthetic vibes, dudes.

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Bungie has gained the publishing rights for ‘Destiny’ and left Activision. This can only be a good fucking thing, right?

bungie destiny activision split

Bungie has split with Activision, and they’re taking the mofuckin’ rights to Destiny with them. I don’t hate Destiny, but it’s just never been compelling to me. That said, I’m still excited by this news. Let’s see what Bungie can come up with for the future of the franchise, when they’re not having to answer to Activision and its stockholders on the regular. Right? Maybe?

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‘Destiny 2’ Teaser Trailer: The Last City Falls

The Last City, not unlike Destiny 2‘s marketing campaign, can be exploding like a motherfucker in the first trailer for the game. Last week we got a leak, yesterday we got a reveal, today we got a teaser, and Thursday we are getting a full trailer.

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‘Destiny 2’ Coming This Year According To Activision

destiny 2 activision 2017

I’m excited for Destiny 2. The original was rocky out of the gate, but Bungie has more than found their footing since then. So a full, dedicated installment to learn all their lessons from developing the first? Nice.

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Weekend Open Bar: Death Never Looked So Good

death never looked so sweet

Let’s get this out of the way. I know I live a privileged life, full of privilege-laden problems. That said, I am still colossally grateful that it is the weekend. I know I live a privileged life, full of privilege-laden problems. That said, I’m still glad that I have this wonderful little community to buoy me on my more trying weeks.

The fucking dog is fine, the fucking plumbing is fine.

It’s a long weekend.

Life’s better than okay, it’s pretty good. And, my mind will certainly plug its own psychic holes with a couple of days of sleep-based sealant applied.

So come, Comrades.

So come, citizens, voyeurs, and vacationers of the Space-Ship Omega.

Join me here in the one, the only, Weekend Open Bar.

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Sources: Destiny 2 also dropping on PC, will be “totally new game”

destiny 2 pc

We all know Destiny 2 is happening. Now we (sort of) know that it’s also going to be happening on PC. I can’t wait for the title, since all Bungie has done since dropping the initial installment is improve upon their franchise.

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Destiny’s ‘Rise of Iron’ Expansion being officially announced next week

Rise of Iron

Destiny’s Rise of Iron has already leaked. Next week, it’s being officially announced.

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Leaked: Next ‘Destiny’ expansion is ‘Rise of Iron’, ‘Destiny 2’ recently rebooted

Rise of Iron

Here’s a melange of Destiny news, for you folks that are interested. First up: this year’s major expansion has leaked. Cool. Okay. Second up: Destiny 2 was recently rebooted in its development, with Taken King director Luke Smith leading the project.

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‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ lead writer leaving BioWare to return to Bungie

Mass Effect 4

What the fuck? Man. I want ME4 to be good so hard. So hard! So hard, that this news really concerns me. The optimist within this meat-shell hopes this is just a case of Chris Schlerf returning to Bungie because he missed the joint and they made him a sizable offer to save Destiny. Not, you know, him abandoning a ship of dumpster-fire ruin.

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Bungie President Steps Down; ‘Destiny 2’ reportedly delayed


Man. I really liked The Taken King. But then I was told, “Oh yeah, no more thick, glorious content-based DLC for the expansion”, which seemed somewhere between insulting and ludicrous. Not how you manage a fanbase, Bungie. Then! I was told this was because Destiny 2 is dropping this year. It wasn’t a valid excuse to me, but it was a reason. Now! It appears that we ain’t getting Destiny 2 this year *and* Bungie’s president is stepping down.

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