‘El Camino’ Trailer: Jesse Pinkman’s on the run! Perhaps obviously.

Here’s the first full trailer for El Camino! And, I’m so torn on the project. On one hand, I’m down for some more Breaking Bad mythos. On the other hand, Jesse’s story already ended fucking perfectly. I don’t know, man. I don’t know.

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‘El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie’ Trailer: Skinny Pete ain’t snitching on Jesse, yo!

Yesterday, Netflix dropped a trailer for the Breaking Bad movie! Nice! It dropped following the leaking of the movie’s title.

I’m ready for this shit! How about you?

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‘Breaking Bad’ movie is called ‘El Camino’ and follows Jesse on the run. Pump this into my fucking soul!

el camino breaking bad movie 1

Whoops! Motherfucking Netflix accidentally leaked the title and plot of the Breaking Bad movie! Titled El Camino, it is going to follow Pinkman on the fucking run. I need this shit. Now.

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Japanese professor was busted for teaching students how to make Molly. Finally, applicable skills from a classroom

japanese professor molly

A Japanese professor went straight-up Breaking Bad, teaching his students how to make Molly.

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Report: ‘Breaking Bad’ movie entering production this Fall and it sounds like it may star Jesse Pinkman

breaking bad movie this fall

What the fuck, dudes? A Breaking Bad movie is entering production this Fall? And, it could star Jesse Pinkman? Well then. Sign me right the fuck up.

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‘Breaking Bad VR Experience’ being created by Vince Gilligan, PlayStation, and Sony Pictures

breaking bad vr experience vince gilligan

The creator of Breaking Bad is teaming up with PlayStation and Sony Pictures to create the Breaking Bad VR Experience. What exactly will that experience entail? That remains to be seen.

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Watch: ‘Breaking Bad’ Turned Into A Two-Hour Movie

Bryan Cranston playing Zordon in ‘Power Rangers’ movie

Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston is playing the disembodied head in a shit-flecked remake of a childhood classic. I will not be seeing it, but hey, I hope you get them dollars, Mr. White.

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Bryan Cranston wants to play a Marvel Supervillain

Bryan Cranston

It may have been obvious casting, but I’m of the opinion that the DCU fucked up when they didn’t cast Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor. Especially since they did cast that insufferable herb Jesse Eisenberg. But hey. Maybe their loss is this Marvel fanboy’s gain. The Man Who Played The Man Who Was The One That Knocked has revealed he would love to play a villain in the MCU.

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Aaron Paul is cast as the lead in new Hulu drama


Well, we know what Aaron Paul is doing now. And lord, it can’t be any fucking more poorly received than Need for Speed, can it?

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