Report: ‘Breaking Bad’ movie entering production this Fall and it sounds like it may star Jesse Pinkman

breaking bad movie this fall

What the fuck, dudes? A Breaking Bad movie is entering production this Fall? And, it could star Jesse Pinkman? Well then. Sign me right the fuck up.


Hide your money and jump-start your RVs, because the long-rumored Breaking Bad movie will reportedly begin filming later this month.

The New Mexico Film Office had previously announced production of a feature film entitled Greenbrier from Sony Pictures, but a source close to the production has confirmed to The Albuquerque Journal that the movie is, in fact, a Breaking Bad spinoff.

The film office would not comment on the project being a Breaking Bad film, but both Breaking Bad and its prequel show Better Call Saul have used false names for their productions in the past.

Greenbrier, officially, follows “the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom,” and is scheduled to begin filming in Albuquerque in mid-November and continue through early February. Though no further information has been given, it would certainly appear that the film could be a direct sequel to Breaking Bad, following Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman as he tries to put his meth-making past behind him.

This would be the first project for Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul creator Vince Gilligan after signing a three year deal with Sony Pictures Television in July. Both Breaking Bad and Saul were set and filmed in Albuquerque, under the Sony Pictures Television banner.