Aaron Paul is cast as the lead in new Hulu drama


Well, we know what Aaron Paul is doing now. And lord, it can’t be any fucking more poorly received than Need for Speed, can it?

The Verge:

Aaron Paul’s heading back to the small screen for his first live-action role since Breaking Bad — and he’s sticking with streaming. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paul has signed on as the male lead fronting The Way, a new drama from Jason Katims (Friday Night Lights, Parenthood) that’s arriving on Hulu this winter. This is Paul’s second straight connection with a streaming service original property: he’s currently voicing a character (and executive producing) on Netflix’s bawdy cartoon BoJack Horseman.

Paul has struggled to escape the shadow of Jesse Pinkman in the near-two years since Breaking Bad‘s finale. Need for Speed and Exodus: Gods and Kings, his two 2014 plays for cinematic success, were met with mediocre reviews and lukewarm attendance, and while he has a few other films in the pipeline, they’re still largely unknown commodities. Another crack at a juicy character — he’ll play a member of a controversial faith group struggling with disillusionment and ennui — could be the jolt Paul needs to get out from under one of modern TV’s most beloved characters.