‘Veronica Mars’ is returning courtesy of Hulu in 2019. A long time ago, yadda yadda, theme song

veronica mars hulu 2019

Veronica Mars is back, fuckers! Why? I have no fucking idea! Did I love the original? You bet! Does this revival make me cringe? Sure does!

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Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ live-action adaptation in development for Hulu


How about some Runaways live-action adaptation? I haven’t read the series in forever, but I distinctly remember fucking loving it back in the day.

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The Russo Brothers bringing ‘The Warriors’ to Hulu in new series


The Warriors. Just, uh, lends itself to a series on Hulu. Sure?

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Netflix, Hulu, and Twitch coming to Samsung Gear VR


Do you want your Netflix in 360-degrees? Maybe you can look down at your virtual belly and see virtual crumbs? Well, you’re going to be able (to probably not) do that soon! On Samsung’s Gear VR.

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Hulu announces they won’t allow binge-watching of their new slate of shows


Hulu ain’t down with binge-watching. The company has announced that you won’t be able to plow through their upcoming slate of offerings in one sitting, instead reverting back to that dusty, moth-covered TV model you all hate. My knee-jerk reaction is to say this is “fucking stupid” and “retrograde.” But you know what? I’ve really enjoyed the hype and conversation that comes with having to wait every week for a new episode of certain shows. Namely, last year’s True Detective. And Mr. Robot this year. There are certainly pros and cons to both models, and while I think they’re going to face a large backlash for this, I’m not holding one of the pitchforks.

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Aaron Paul is cast as the lead in new Hulu drama


Well, we know what Aaron Paul is doing now. And lord, it can’t be any fucking more poorly received than Need for Speed, can it?

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James “Yes, I’m That Pleased With Myself” Franco starring in Abrams-produced Stephen King adaptation, ’11/22/63′

James Franco.

Yeah. I wanted to take a shot at James Franco that bad. To the point of an utterly enormous headline. I don’t give a fuck! If Jimmy Franco can be so self-satisfied while miring himself in a rut of eye-rolling indie choices and dick-and-fart joke flicks with Rogen, I can be self-satisfied in my own below-mediocre blogging. Fuck you! Oh. And this post is about Stephen King, Jar Jar Abrams, Jimmy Franco, and JFK.

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Facebook Getting Hulu Integration, Meet Facehulu. (Didn’t Make That Up.)

Facebook is endeavoring to integrate everything  ever  into it. The latest application to be swallowed whole and reappropriated within the confines of the Social Network Juggernaut is Hulu. Now you can watch all those episodes of Glee with fellow Gleeks without having to navigate out of your Gleeky chat.

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Pirating Of Fox Shows More Than Doubles After Delaying Hulu Availability.

Last week, Fox changed their fancy licensing voodoo legislation prohibiting non-paying Hulu users from watching new episodes of their shows until eight days after the air date. These much aggrieved users, how’d they react? Motherfuckers pirated. Pirated like you wouldn’t believe.

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