‘Black Panther 2’ Officially Titled ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’

black panther 2 wakanda forever july 2022

Marvel’s MCU Phase 4 engines are whirring up, folks. Getting all the nerds deeply horny. Black Panther 2? Titled Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and its dropping July, 2022.

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‘Black Panther 2’ is going to begin filming in July 2021 and Shuri may play more prominent role. Makes sense.

black panther 2 filming july 2021

The capitalism juggernaut must ramble on, friends. Which means that Black Panther 2 will get made, and it’s going to begin filming in July of 2021. Ryan Coogler has the unenviable task of continuing on, in the wake of Chadwick Boseman’s passing. That said, I’m glad its that dude who is in charge of the production. How the fuck they going to address it all? Not sure. However, I think it makes sense to have Shuri take upon her brother’s mantle. I mean, right?

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‘Black Panther 2’ is dropping May 6, 2022. Coogler and Feige keeping us waiting! But okay!

black panther 2 may 2022

Man, Black Panther 2 ain’t coming for a fucking hot minute. I mean, it makes sense. Given Ryan Coogler wanting to do it justice and there being like roughly 3,000 movies/TV shows in production. That said, I fucking want it! And apparently I’m waiting until May, 2022.

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Rumor: ‘Black Panther 2’ villain is going to be Namor. Welcome to the MCU, bro. Took long enough!

Black Panther 2 ain’t dropping for a minute. But, that ain’t stopping the rumor mill! The latest shit? None other than Namor is going to be the baddie. Skeptical? That’s fucking understandable. However, this latest rumor comes from the same sources that accurately predicted that the real Mandarin would be in Shang-Chi, and that Taskmaster would be in Black Widow.

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Rumor: Michael B. Jordan is returning for ‘Black Panther 2’ so everyone can keep saying Killmonger was right et cetera

nintendo switch sales pass nintendo 64(1)

Michael B. Jordan in Black Panther 2? Well, maybe! I, uh, am actually inclined to believe this is true.

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Ryan Coogler will return to write and direct ‘Black Panther 2’ and all is right with the MCU

black panther 2 ryan coogler write direct

Fuck to the yes, my friends. Black Panther was fantastic. Additionally, it was also very much a sliver of Ryan Coogler’s soul. So, it is fantastic that he will return for the sequel.

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