The new ‘Battlestar Galactica’ show has found its showrunner, which apparently ain’t ‘Mr. Robot’ creator Sam Esmail. Frak this!

new battlestar galactica showrunner michael lesslie

The new Battlestar Galactica show got its showrunner! And, it ain’t Sam Esmail. Fuck! He’s only executive producing. That said, the dude they’ve tapped was behind the AMC mini-series Little Drummer Girl. Which apparently rock! So, I suppose we will see.

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Richard Hatch, The Original Apollo From ‘Battlestar’, Has Passed Away At 71

richard hatch battlestar passed away

The original Battlestar Galactica‘s Apollo, Richard Hatch, has sloughed the mortal coil at the age of 71.

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‘Battlestar Galactica’ Movie News: ‘Westworld’ writer adapting, Francis Lawrence maybe directing


This is uh, this is news. I don’t really think Francis Lawrence is a good director, and all we’ve heard about Westworld is that it’s been a production calamity. So, yeah. Take this news however you wish.

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‘Battlestar Galactic’ comic being relaunched at Dynamite Entertainment


I probably won’t read the Battlestar comic. That said, I imagine it is going to be considerably better than whatever the Bryan Singer-produced movie reboot is going to puke up. I mean, Cullen Bunn and Alex Sanchez rule. But I’m hesitant to overwrite my fond, fond memories of the RDM. This is more a personal flaw than anything.

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Watch: ‘DREADNOUGHT’ is the Battlestar game we want


I just recently finished Spec Ops: The Line, and found myself wondering what the fuck the team behind it was up to. It was a solid game, with a better-than-average story for a third-person shooter. Well, well, well. It turns out those fuckers are working on a goddamn space-ship game. Replete with giant fucking battles, and giant fucking space-ships. Dreadnoughts, even.

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Dude behind ‘TRANSCENDENCE’ penning ‘BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’ movie script


You know, it’s been long enough since BSG ended that they can do pretty much anything with it in my eyes. The series ended, it is its own entity. So if Universal wants to hire the guy behind Transcendence which looks like a Pretentious Bullshit Rendition of Lawnmower Man to pen it, whatever. Maybe it’ll be good. Maybe it won’t. But it shant affect my love for RDM’s take.

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Opinions Vary: Monsters of the Week Episodes F**king Rule


A couple of weeks ago I was yanking purple-tip to Almost Human’s premiere. It was jazzy, I was jazzed, my underoos were sticky but stern. (What does that even mean?) In the middle of my fluids-flinging, our own incalculably talented J-Hawtsauce pointed out that he had a hard time swallowing the episode orders that network television demanded. The good sir lamented the puffed-up nature that having to bring twenty-four (or so) episodes to bare every season can produce on a show.

At the time I claimed that I didn’t have a problem with what were essentially procedural television shows with a science-fiction tinge. After all, I love the X-FilesFringe titillates me, and since I’m lazy and don’t feel like thinking I’ll nominate Battlestar Galactica as (a stretch of) an example.

Monsters of the week episodes rule! (Sort of.)

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Oh, Katee Sackhoff. Oh Starbuck. Light of my light. Sun of my sun. Something of my something please strap one on and peg me while listening to “Rock You Like A Hurricane.” Seriously if you’re cast as Captain Marvel I will lose it.

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New AMC show is ‘BLADE RUNNER’ meets ‘BATTLESTAR.’ Don’t tease me.

Ballistic City.

There is a new pilot about to be shot for AMC, which incidentally may cause me to shoot some white stuff. Ew! Gross! Sorry, sorry. Anyways, the new television show is described as a cross between Battlestar and Blade Runner. Glorious! Give me this!

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Bryan Singer claims his ‘BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’ movie can connect both TV series. Oh Singer. I f**king loathe you.

What the fuck is going on?! I completely forgot that Bryan Singer was bringing his nauseatingly unsubtle social commentary and general mediocrity to the Battlestar series. My fat skull has a resplendent ability to repress dire circumstances. Circumstances that leave me angrily spitting at my computer monitor, trying to exorcise the stupidity bring broadcast across it.

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