‘Aquaman’ Trailer: Brahquaman Fails To Excite Me

If Shazam! won me over with its trailer today, Aquaman sort of confirmed a pretty flavorless affair dropping this December.

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Official ‘Aquaman’ Poster: Just a brah and his aquatic crew

official aquaman poster

Not gonna lie, dudes. I’m considerably worried about Aquaman, given that we haven’t seen a single fucking clip from the movie yet. And, oh yeah, it drops in like five months. I know its presence at the upcoming SDCC is the automatic retort. But, come on. You’re not a little worried?

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‘Aquaman’ First Look: Jason Momoa looking brooding, beefy as hell as Arthur Curry

aquaman first look jason momoa beefy

There’s no real reason to dawdle, filling this post with words. We’re all here for the same thing, even if we don’t admit it to ourselves. Jason Momoa looking beefy as fuck as Arthur Curry.

Hit the jump for the full thing, because EW is garbage and watermarks their pics.

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‘Aquaman’ First Look Teaser: Hey Look, Some New ‘Justice League’ Footage

Did you know it was “Aquaman Week”, as declared by Warner Brothers? Yeah, I didn’t either. But so it is, and so here we are. Anyways, whatever the fuck, whoeveer the fuck cares, here’s an Aquaman “first look” with some new Justice League footage. I guess.

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‘Aquaman’ News: James Wan shares photo of Amber Heard as Mera

aquaman mera amber heard

Is this news? Naw! Fuck naw! But man, ain’t nothing truly news these days. Is this Amber Heard? Yeah! Fuck yeah! So I’m posting it.

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‘Aquaman’ has officially begun production, here’s the new logo to celebrate

aquaman logo begins production

Begun, production on Aquaman has. Shared the new logo, Warner Bros. has.

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Dolph Lundgren joins the cast of ‘Aquaman’ as villain King Nereus

dolph lundgren aquaman villain

Dolph Lundgren taking his streak of villainy from DC’s television universe to its cinematic universe. Ivan Drago himself will be playing some evil king or some shit in Aquaman.

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‘Aquaman’ Movie Pushed Back Two Months To Christmas 2018

aquaman movie delayed christmas 2018

Aquaman has been delayed. But, for once, it doesn’t seem the cause of a DC movie delay is gross incompetence or Development Hell. Rather, the movie is going to take the place of the delayed Avatar 2.

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See Aquaman Swimming In ‘Justice League’ Footage Shared By Snyder

aquaman mad max fury road stunt team

Hey! Desperate for any morsel of Justice League footage? Well! I’m not! But Zack Snyder doesn’t care, sharing a brief clip of Aquaman swimming. While it’s low-resolution, it does seem to confirm one thing: Snyder’s lame ass color palette! Nice!

Click the jump because it’s a fucking dumb Twitter embed which I despite oh so much.

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‘Aquaman’ Is Zack Snyder’s “Baby” According To Jason Momoa

aquaman mad max fury road stunt team

Whelp, if you were excited for Aquaman, maybe temper that excitement a bit.

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