Confirmed: Miles Morales Is Star of ‘Spider-Man’ Animated Film

miles morales animated spider-man movie

Make mine Miles Morales! Prayers heard. ‘Cause. Bro. In the animated Spider-Man movie mine has been made Miles Morales.

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Report: ‘Spider-Man’ Animated Movie will star Miles Morales

Miles Morales.

Holy shit. The Lord and Miller animated Spider-Man movie is going to star my Spider-Man, Miles Morales. Just when I thought I couldn’t get any more hype for a Lord and Miller project! Here we are.

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Animated ‘Spider-Man’ movie delayed until December 21, 2018

Spider-Man #2.

We are all going to have to wait a bit more for that animated Spider-Man movie. Speaking of which. I had completely forgotten that Chris Miller and Phil Lord are working on an animated Spider-Man flick, to compliment the live action one that Sony is putting out. I probably shouldn’t have though, since I trust Lord and Miller much more than I do the talented on the live-action movie.

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Phil Lord and Chris Miller making animated ‘Spider-Man’ movie for Sony