‘The Batman’ looking to add Andy Serkis as Alfred and Colin Farrell as The Penguin. This cast is fucking absurd, dudes

the batman andy serkis colin farrell

Andy Serkis! He ain’t never met a franchise he didn’t want to be join. Now, dude is reuniting with Matt Reeves on The Batman. Playing Alfred! Additionally, motherfucking Colin Farrell could end up as The Penguin. Wild, wild times.

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‘Venom 2’ is going to be directed by Andy Serkins and hey whatever it can’t be worse than the first, right?

venom 2 andy serkis

Venom was fucking bad, dude. Like, way bad. But at the same time? It was oddly entertaining. The sort of B-Movie I can fuck with heavily. Which means I was going to see the sequel anyways, but hey! Adding Andy Serkis as the director can’t hurt. It can’t possibly hurt.

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Andy Serkis rumored to be in ‘The Batman’ which would be pretty fucking cool, honestly

andy serkis the batman

The rumor! Andy Serkis is going to be in The Batman. The take! I dig it. Especially given his already-established relationship with director Matt Reeves.

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‘The Force Awakens’ News: Andy Serkis’ Role Revealed


The Star Wars Overlords have revealed Andy Serkis’ role in The Force Awakens. After the jump for the spoilerphobic.

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Oh baby, my nipples are hurting. Nay. My nipples are leaking from excitement. The Episode VII cast has finally been announced, and it is stocked with a cavalcade of oldies and newbies that get me taut in all the applicable places.

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THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN Is the Spielberg Movie You’ve Been Waiting For

Spielberg, where you been, man? The last time you thrilled me out of my seat was with Minority Report way back in 2002. Since then you’ve made some great flicks, but that Crystal Skull trick you tried to pull for your last movie was garbage. You’re back in one big way with a whirlwind of a movie: The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn. You’ve brought some friends with you too: Peter Jackson as producer and Steven Moffat, Edgar Wright, and Joe Cornish as writers. I wasn’t scared off by WETA’s motion-capture animation either, which is usually terrifying and gives humans cold, soulless eyes. Tintin is a balls-out action adventure mystery thrill ride form beginning to end. Take your War Horse and shove it, Tintin’s running this show.

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